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What Companion would you like to see added?

Jan 05, 2013
Hi, I think that since they have a lady centaur companion they should add in:

1. Venti (Storm Spirit)
2. Medusa
3. Satyr

I love Greek mythology and I think it would be awesome if they added in some Greek and maybe Roman Companions.

Also, there should be a companion shop for gold, like there is for pets.
So it would say:
Venti 6,000 Gold
Medusa 10,000 Gold

Stuff like that. That would be awesome if that would happen.

Wicked Natalie

Nov 03, 2012
Might be dreaming here but I would love Captain Avery to join me modest crew.

Petty Officer
Oct 29, 2012
I have always loved one eyed jack and I have decided to beg for him to be a possible companion later on in the game. *Please, please, please, please* oh and make him a companion for Musketeers. ;)

Petty Officer
Oct 29, 2012
I also would love too see Egg Foo Yung as a companion too. Because he looks sweet.

Dec 31, 2013
Timmy when hes fully trained as a lawman!

Dec 02, 2012
how about eagles like Cadmus and wolves from grizzlehiem that would be awesome. also after we defeat him for the last time we could buy the brass monkey in the crown shop like fin

Feb 02, 2013
Hmm? When I journey through all to Aquila, I met a lot of creatures that i want as a companion.
1. Lagooney
2. This one is good!( Friar Sand )
3. Hippo companion
4. The wharf rat squirt
5. The wharf rat rake
6. One eyed Jack
7. Blind Mew
8. Minotaur companion( labyrinth)
9. The lady goat in Mooshu
10. Hades the Unseen

Luke Yellowfish
Obnoxious Brian Silver

Apr 06, 2009
There are soooo many companions I want to see added. Whenever I play I dream about obtaining certain companions lol.

1. Another rat companion
2. Female mouse companion like Dead-Eye Deirdre
3. Banditoad
4. Unicorn from Valencia
5. A female cow from Mooshu
6. Some dog companion from Marleybone
7. My favorite enemy from Aquila--the satyr
8.A vulture pirate
9. My ultimate favorite would have to be an Ophidian Warrior because they look awesome.
10. This one's random but since St. Patrick's day is coming up a leprechaun companion would be so fulfulling lol.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Actually, I don't want anymore side companions. They just take up space and give a ticket to dying. I really just like the main companions that you are meant to get through the main quest, such as

-Kan Po
-El Toro
-Milo Greytail
-Monkey King
-Bonnie Anne
-Old Scratch
and one non-main companions
-Itzen Kaan

I actually think that the non-main companions are puny. I regret getting them in a side quest in the first place.

Golden Chris Silver - Level 57


The reason why I don't have Catbeard (I think you get him in the 50's) or any other companions your supposed to have in this level is because I am above average (my explanation for many topics).

Mar 24, 2013
That's an interesting question although there are a lot out there to think about, here are some i would like to see added.

1.Polar Bear Companions that would be a nice addition to all pirate class

2.Pelican Companions because they look cool similar to Captain Ahab ,Old fish eye etc.,

3.Hammerhead shark companion similar to Mordecai, well we got a Cutthroat from a bundle, why not a Hammerhead ?

4.Rabbit Companions similar to one eyed jack, I been wanting this for ages in my companion list.

5.Aztecosaur Mummy Compainons, I wonder what abilities they have as they level up ?

These are the top five picks i would like to be added

Gunner's Mate
Oct 12, 2010
I would like to see a sheep companion from Mooshu (one of those little farmers). I'd also like a Ulysses-like companion.

May 01, 2010
I think I saw this here before but I'd like to have an actual human companion, perhaps similar to our own pirate. WAIT, PLOT IDEA!!! What if we discover that our pirate had a sibling? They could be the same class our pirate is. Whether they're a boy or girl is for KI to decide, and possibly depends on the class chosen. It seems clear that our parents are dead so, aside from an origin companion, a sibling companion would be the only real family we have left.

Dec 23, 2013
Name ukal gaol Has a tornado the color of your flag, his eyes are emeralds, a And he speaks like death trying to claim you.

You get him by unlocking all undead crown ship companions, he has eight ability upgrades, because unlocking all the undead is no small feat and you never know if they will add more, his attacks are a straight laser beam from his mouth, or his vortex swirls really fast and shoots spheres of darkness. I hope you like this idea and please tell me how it is,

Feb 11, 2010
A female crab companion.

Oct 20, 2012
I would like to see captain Gunn show up, or when Polaris shows up, The Three Musketeers

Feb 27, 2013
xXplayer5123Xx on Nov 19, 2012 wrote:
Just to see what companions you'd like to see added into Pirate 101 sometime in the near future?
Who knows? King Isle Entertainment is always trying to better their games with adding more content and polishing older ones. So we may very well one day see your request come to life in Pirate 101
It would be so cool if they added all the class trainers as companions, and you get your class trainer for whatever class you are. You could also buy the others in the crown shop.

Hopeful Alyssa Abbott, Level 16 swashbuckler (will be higher level soon! )

May 01, 2012
Personally, I would like to see some more Celestia-like companions. Yes, I know watermoles, Marleybonians, crabs, and undead pirates are already used but I am talking more about the Anglers, Marleybonian Golems, Lagoonies, or maybe even those Mech-Controlling Fish. Maybe it's just me but I see potential for a pack in this . I might also add a REGULAR skeletal pirate, we have already seen that their are three tiers, all that needs to be done is make one a companion!

Jan 18, 2013
I hope to see a lot of Polaris companions and especially my made up one, Frank Cold Feathers.

Nov 04, 2012
1: Gortez(axe he has on his ship
2: One-Eyed Jack(Backhand Dagger
3: Iron Monkey(Fists)
4: Lasko's Ghost(ghost Sword
5: Gunn's Ghost(Ghost Sword)
6: Captain Fowl(Gun)
7: One of the Scholars in Valencia like Scholar Lorenzo (he can whack people with his book)
8: And a Redcoat(rifle)

Nov 04, 2012
CaptainAureus on Nov 21, 2012 wrote:
Are there any NPC characters in P101 that you would just love to have on your crew? For me the ones I want on my crew most are Gortez, a Clockwork Marine, Iago (I know I can buy him from the crown shop but I am saving them for elite ship parts) and the fox guy who you go to when you promote Bonnie Anne. BTW, can anyone tell me his name? I completely forgot.

Gortez is an awesome guy, he always knows what he's talking about and knows how to clear the battlefield quickly.

Clockworks look awesome and I am a clockwork/steampunk lover so having one would be really cool.

Iago looks like the definition of the word pirate. He is tough, powerful, rugged, handsome (yea I can't lie about that part XP) and looks like someone you should NEVER mess with.

The Fox guy who you go to for Bonnie Anne's promotion (I feel like a complete idiot for forgetting his name) looks awesome with those big brass magnifying glasses and he knows pretty much all there is to know about guns in the spiral and I bet he knows how to work them better than anyone else.

So those are the ones I would want to have most on my crew. What about you guys?

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~
Fox guy is Lucius Fox

Nov 04, 2012
KittyKungFu on Dec 5, 2012 wrote:
You can get Catbeard in marleybone

Nov 04, 2012
at they gotta link on El Dorado the map shows through marleybone we go to Wizard city.what kind of companions would we get? maybe Gamma the owl(fights like Nikeeta but instead of pooping on people Gamma makes Tornadoes with it's wings. or maybe a Banshee not ugly ones in Fire cat alley the ones on Triton avenue they scream alot. Or maybe a ghoul hits people with shovel that would be fun or maybe a clockwork like in golem tower or that furnace guy

Nov 04, 2012
cutlessclark on Feb 14, 2014 wrote:
I have always loved one eyed jack and I have decided to beg for him to be a possible companion later on in the game. *Please, please, please, please* oh and make him a companion for Musketeers. ;)
what about all classes

Nov 04, 2012
also add Dueling Diego he's amazing in the game dueling Diego he's right by Skull island Maybe Avery sends you to Morgan to ask her something and Dueling Diego comes and joins your crew for any class

Jan 18, 2013
It would be so cool if we could have one of the Elite clockworks as a companion. Bishop could be for witch doctors, Rooke could be for Buccaneer's, Lady Elite could be for Swashbuckler's, Phule or possibly Kane could be for Privateers and Deacon could possibly be for Musketeers. (Yes obviously he was destroyed but maybe later in the game we'll have to rebuild him or even one of the other Elite's rebuild him too).