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What Companion would you like to see added?

Feb 08, 2014
CaptainAureus on Nov 21, 2012 wrote:
Are there any NPC characters in P101 that you would just love to have on your crew? For me the ones I want on my crew most are Gortez, a Clockwork Marine, Iago (I know I can buy him from the crown shop but I am saving them for elite ship parts) and the fox guy who you go to when you promote Bonnie Anne. BTW, can anyone tell me his name? I completely forgot.

Gortez is an awesome guy, he always knows what he's talking about and knows how to clear the battlefield quickly.

Clockworks look awesome and I am a clockwork/steampunk lover so having one would be really cool.

Iago looks like the definition of the word pirate. He is tough, powerful, rugged, handsome (yea I can't lie about that part XP) and looks like someone you should NEVER mess with.

The Fox guy who you go to for Bonnie Anne's promotion (I feel like a complete idiot for forgetting his name) looks awesome with those big brass magnifying glasses and he knows pretty much all there is to know about guns in the spiral and I bet he knows how to work them better than anyone else.

So those are the ones I would want to have most on my crew. What about you guys?

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~
You can buy a Gortez counterpart from the crown shop for 7495 crowns. Though you have to beat Gortez In his dungeon 25 times

Sep 14, 2015
I am pretty satisfied with the options we are given for companions, but one I would love to see added would be Ensign Livesy (remember that frog who somehow managed to be captured by Troggies?). are the only ones who gets a frog companion, and since I'm a , I would love to see other classes have the chance to get one too. Ensign Livesy's perfect because he's right there, on a storyline quest, so everybody gets to interact with and know who he is. Also, his co-anchor, Sergeant Shepard is in the Crown Shop, so I think it would make sense to put Ensign Livesy in with him.

May 26, 2013
dk4vision on Aug 7, 2015 wrote:
English Bill!
Wait, who's English Bill? Is he in Marleybone?

Dec 02, 2015
i'm thinking of a monquiator monk like when you face him to get the promotion for wing chun, kan po, and egg Shen. that would be awesome with his fast attacks

cunning Alex jorden lvl.15

Dec 02, 2015
Sierra Starsong on Nov 21, 2012 wrote:
Since I first met him I've wanted One-Eyed Jack as a companion.
i agree with her, one-eyed jack as a companion would nice with his strong attack and a lot of heath, it would be perfect

Jun 02, 2013
I think I have suggested this before but I would love a companion with nunchucks maybe we can do Bruce lee in mooshu but he could be bull lee

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Nov 20, 2012 wrote:
You can allready get Mustand Sally
Only if you're a Swashbuckler though.

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
Clumsy Sebastion L... on Nov 22, 2012 wrote:
One word... GORTEZ!
You have to defeat him 25 times and then get him in the crown shop.

Apr 28, 2010
1.Water-mole Slingman promotion.
2.Mustang Sally promotion.
3.Tricky Vinny promotion.
4.2nd Bison Chief promotion.
5.2nd Bison Hunter promotion.
6.Taro Moomori promotion.

Jun 12, 2012
I would love to see a bandit toad in action on your side for musketeers only when they reach level 15 because that would be awesome another one is for all schools and it would be a snake buccaneer for max levels and last but not least a armada troop I would love to see a musketeer armada troop on my side for level 20 musketeers only that would be cool and all of these will be a side quest from mickey dugan town crier thank you! from golden dino webb max buccaneer and dark dino webb level 14 .

May 30, 2010
It would be awesome if we could have one of the Olympians for each class.
These companions would be obtained after you complete the Temple worship quest in Aquila
The companions would go as followed:

No one should have Zeus because we have Hawkules, and that would be strange to have father and son.

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
dk4vision on Jan 3, 2016 wrote:
Wait, who's English Bill? Is he in Marleybone?
He's in Cool Ranch

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
Skyrider4579 on Nov 13, 2015 wrote:
how about a panda
Oh my God! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love pandas so much! You don't even know!

May 02, 2014
xXplayer5123Xx on Nov 19, 2012 wrote:
Just to see what companions you'd like to see added into Pirate 101 sometime in the near future?
Who knows? King Isle Entertainment is always trying to better their games with adding more content and polishing older ones. So we may very well one day see your request come to life in Pirate 101
How about a combat wombat
it will be part and
The weapon would be a olde macho machine gun and a calvary sword
He will serve under the marleybone army
His ranked will be sergeant - colonial
His name you make it up

Feb 27, 2013
It would be cool if you could actually get an Armada soldier as a companion. Maybe they betrayed the Armada or something. There aren't many companions from Valencia, and I think this would be a nice addition.
Hopeful Alyssa Abbott, Lvl 26 Swashbuckler

Jun 02, 2013
Has anyone seen the unicorn musketeers concept art? A possible companion with 3 tiers

Mar 24, 2012
I'd love to be able to use One-Eyed Jack. Just so KI knows. The mustang rowdy that privateers get in Bust Em Out has a glitch. There are little black dots above his blades. This annoys me so I'd love it if you remove them. Anybody else notice this glitch?

Feb 14, 2014
I would love to see a raven sorcerer/sorceress!

Dec 30, 2012
Personally for me I would like to see a fox companion but with a different class than Bonnie Anne, like a Fox Buccaneer, swashbuckler, and so on. I would also like to see a cat companion, like the one that was in the Boochbeard Bundle when the game was first released, unfortunately for me I hadn't even started playing when the bundle was available and even if I had there was no way I could have spent 90 some odd dollars to buy it.

Dec 06, 2012
People may not agree with me, but to me it would be cool if you can get kane as a companion

Petty Officer
Jul 21, 2013
Napoleguin /

Comes with: Epic Hit, Epic Shot, Blade Storm 1, Double Tap 1, Choice of 7 epics upon recruitment

Epic Choices:

Blade Storm 2

Relentless 1

Relentless 2

Double Tap 2

Burst Fire 1

Burst Fire 2

Over Watch 1

Over Watch 2

Epic Hit: 60, 60, 60 ,120

Mega Hit: 200, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 50

Super Hit: 300, 80, 80, 50

You get this companion from a quest in Polaris. When you help Napoleguin win the war he is in, he joins you on the quest to El Dorado.

Petty Officer
Jul 21, 2013
Skunk Warrior

Comes With: Grand Strike, Epic Hit, Relentless 1, Choice of 5 epics upon recruitment

Epic Choices:

  • Relentless 2 Grand Strike is a talent that comes with this companion. It deals 445
  • Relentless 3 damage in all. First he swings twice each dealing 100. Then he jumps
  • First Strike 1 up and slashes the enemy dealing 245 damage.
  • First Strike 2
  • Blade Storm 1
  • Blade Storm 2
  • Cheap Shot 1
  • Flanking 1
  • Riposte 1
  • Riposte 2

Epic Hit= 20, 20, 300

Mega Hit= 40, 40, 50, 280
Super Hit= 70,70,70,60,60, 200, 175

Mar 24, 2013
Here is an interesting one,

King Cashmir form Valencia, I would like a royal unicorn as a companion.

Golden Golem/Robot (? ) from El Dorado, this would be a nice protector in Arc 2. ( How will Gracie reprogram this one ? )

Jan 14, 2015
I would like to see a mander or maybe a krok from Krokotopia and a wolf from Grizzleheim

Dec 06, 2012
one of the armadas solders should be able to be a companion