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What are your Pirates Names?

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
cutlessclark on Feb 28, 2014 wrote:
Bloody Cyrus Killerny 65

I have some other pirates but there levels are pretty low and I hardly play as them, so i won't list them here.
High levels are not a requirement for listing your beloved pirate's names. They are all a part of you and can proudly proclaim their names here for all the Marauders to welcome.

Feb 15, 2014
Feb 02, 2013
My Pirate's names are...
1. Luke Yellowfish( Main ) Lvl 65
2. Patrick Lvl 65
3.Obnoxious Brian Silver

Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
Here are mine

Two faced Terry cog 65
Victourious henri fluke 57
strong tyler Roberts
Lucas Bristol
Bloody something cog

Scale 5- Beast
Scale 4Good
3 or less = ok I just like others better

May 09, 2009
Hi everybody

My pirates are as followed

Noble Ryan Thompson 65
Loyal Garret Jones 65
Cautious Joshua Ironside 50
Fearless William Ashburn 10
Smart Todd Wright 5
Sneaky Blaze Dodger 1

You will likely see me as Noble Ryan Thompson

Gunner's Mate
Apr 13, 2010
GBalance101 on Feb 23, 2014 wrote:
My pirates are:

-George Gordon I
-Fearless George Xiriga a.k.a Fearless
-Sly George Gordon a.k.a Sly
- Crabby Joseph Yard a.k.a Joe Yard
- Brave Olivia Gaff a.k.a Olivia Gaff
I'd like to introduce the second girl of the Gordon family, adopted by George Gordon from Avery.

Stormy Grace Gordon, lvl 11 I now have all classes! Yay!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
In order of creation, They are:
Esperanza Devereaux Lvl 65
Bold Bess Nightingale Lvl 65
Silver Isis Lvl 65
Marian Kidd Lvl 65
Black Morgan Moone Lvl 65
Darcy Abbot Lvl 65

Jan 22, 2013
You all know it but just in case here it is

-Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

Jul 15, 2013
Ruthless Blaze Roberts level 65 Musketeer
Dino level 48 Witchdoctor
Seamus Capstan level 10 Buccaneer
Eric Atworth level 4 or 6 Swashbuckler
and last but not least for sure Andrew Radcliffe level 9 Privateer
see you in the skyways :D and in the new updates o, o and test realm (coming soon)

Petty Officer
Feb 29, 2012
Noble John Parker-Level 44 (who's stuck on Khotan, so you won't see HIM till the next update)
Dark John-Level 27 (on the port regal/Brastillo De Brass storyline) (main)
Fearless Connor- Level 8 (on captain gunn's treasure in bounty island)
-Noble John Parker, Dark John and Fearless Connor!
See ya in the skyways!

Aug 08, 2012
Puppylove1021 on Feb 27, 2014 wrote:
Dreaming Jill Underwood - Level 54 - My first and highest pirate. Currently in Marleybone, she is a swashbuckler with high agility. She's my main.

Sandy Chloe Underwood - Level 16 - A wonder witchdoctor. She's in Cool Ranch, and I consider her Jill's sister. (They have the same last name XD) I play on her when I'm bored.

Hannah Ironside - Level 12 - My musketeer. Still, in Skull Island.

Brave Wolf Underwood - Level 6 - Buccaneer and my only male character. Hands down.

Fearful Catherine Mainstay - Level 5 - Privateer. Her name's quite a mouthful.

Melissa Jones - Level 1 - Saving her until I get Youtube for a walkthrough.
Updating them.

Dreaming Jill Underwood - Level 65 - Through Aquila!
Sandy Chloe Underwood - Level 19 - Still in Cool Ranch, a little further though.
Hannah Ironside - Level 12 - Not much has changed for her.
Brave Wolf Underwood - Level 6 - He hasn't been played much.
Fearful Catherine Mainstay - Level 6 - Same level as Wolf now.
Melissa Jones - Level 1 - Same.