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If you could be a companion, who would it be?

Mar 24, 2013
That's an interesting question, there are lots of differnt companions there if there is a choice or five here are the names below.

1.Gorando-This is by far the strongest companion in pirates, in my opinon.With vengeance strike and double relentless, this ape can sweep multiple targets. Try to unlock this companion early, it's worth challenging that boss again and again.

2.El Toro- Strong, fast and sneaky.This is one of the other companion, I would be. With first strike+repose combo,this would be a nightmare for the opposing team.

3.Boonie Anne- Now this fast could sweep a whole army. With max agility and rough, paired with burst fire and double tap,this companion can be helpful in pvp also, someday in ranked pvp.

4.Kenzie Yagi- A friend of Kan Po or something, a great addition for none class. This monk is fast and very powerful. If wanted you can add this companion as a ,for a double goat monk team.

5.Hawkules- A powerhouse, with max storng, damage and health this make a great tank.The current final storyline companion is the one I can be. He is also funny and entertaining.

Jul 27, 2012
Hmm, that is a very good question, Valkoor. Do I want to be a dashing swashbuckler like Fan, Mustang Sally, or Sarah Steele? Do I want to be a easy-going (but hard-hitting!) lover of animals like Baar? Do I want to be the honorable hero like Kobe, my little Monquistan knight, Rooster Cogburn, or (gasp!) el Toro? Or someone else that I am just not thinking of at the moment?...

Well, as much as I am inclined towards the swashbuckling hero sort, I would probably choose the companion I am already the most like (taking the easy way out!), and that would be --

Gracie Conrad

She's smart and honorable, loyal and brave (to a fault!), good-natured and curious. And if I were her, I would finally really, really understand physics! I bet she can do vector problems in 2 and 3 dimensions in her head! (mind, she wouldn't know anything of microbial genetics, but tradeoffs have to be made )

Furthermore, with that swing of hers as she wields her pipe wrench (I think that's what it is), I bet she's a superb softball player. In real life, I am a very bad softball player. It would be nice to be able to hit a ball out of the park! (or just hit it, really)

Aug 16, 2011
Oh, if I have to choose one? Hmmmm. Egg Shen got to love my over zealous duck!

Aug 13, 2014
Martin the Hood on Jun 27, 2015 wrote:
Good question,

I for one would like to have the presence and skill of my trusted first mate Hawkules. Either that or my homeland brethren Kobe Yojimbo.

I would love to be Kobe! He is one of my favorite companions!i would love to have a sword!!

Oct 15, 2012
Oh my! So many to choose from!

Well its a tie. First Catbeard, the way he is so confident, yet cowardly, and gets so sidetracked telling stories is totally me. Plus, the little conceited victory dance he does after he beats an enemy is just too similar to what I would do.

I also find myself really similar to Chantal. She is always shooting, yelling, and laughing. It almost seems like she is having her own little personal party, which is like me too, kind of jamming on my own! Oh ya and if a companion were to be my best friend it would be The Marchioness.

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2014
Of course, as him being my favorite swashbuckler companion, it would be El Toro!
Badly played El Toro jingle because I'm awful at the trumpet.

Sep 15, 2014
I'd be duck holliday, I would be deadly but unexpected, for example:

Criminal 1: Hehehe! Robbing this bank be as easy as eating cake!

Criminal 2: This town be filled with booty, and no one brave or strong enough be willing to show their face!

*Duck Holliday walks in to the bank*

Criminal 1: And who this little squirt be? The police! HAHAHA!

Duck Holliday: Nope, I'm just here to put you in your place.

Criminal 2: And what are ye gonna do? Peck at us until we go away?

Criminal 1: Probably gonna bore us to death! Ha ha!

*Duck Holliday whips out his twin pistols and takes aim*

Criminal 1: Ooh! And what are these? Toy guns?

Criminal 2: Is little duck trying to be the hero? Ha!

*Duck Holliday shoots a bullet, barely missing the criminals head*

Duck Holliday: Yes, I am being the hero, and these are as real as it gets.

*The criminals stare mouths gaping, but they soon recover, drop the stuff, and make a run for it, but with his dead-eye accuracy stops them in their tracks (don't worry, he didn't shoot them, he shot in front of them)*

Duck Holliday: You're not going anywhere, and be thankful you didn't insult me further or there would have been nothing left of you. Now let's go!

*Duck Holliday takes the prisoners to jail and everyone cheers accepting Duck Holliday as their new hero!*

Level 37