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A Pirate's Life For Me

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Episode 60-The Ghost of Santo Pollo

Friar Cluck: There's ghosts in the Santo Pollo Cathedral!
Mark: Fine, let's go in!

(In the cathedral)

Weasley: Hmm...Looks like no one's here.
Kobe: Look out, I see blood bats!
Froggo: Ha! Esto es sólo una pequeña plaga de murciélagos de sangre! Estos tipos coloniales son muy supersticiosos, ¿no?

???: GET...OUT!
Froggo: Por supuesto, mis viajes me han enseñado a no desestimar el poder de lo sobrenatural.
Weasley: That ghost is heading up into the Rafters!

*A few energetic rushes across the Rafters later*

Froggo: Tenemos ahora!
Ghost: LEAVE...NOW!

*Fifty hits on the ghost later*

Mark: Now tell me why you haunt Santo Pollo Cathedral!
Ghost: I am Deadwalker, an ancient spirit. You may know me as "Old Scratch"
Mark: You again?!
Deadwalker: I am in peril. The fiendish Emperor Freeman tricked me. He told me to start a war, but when I returned, he betrayed me. You need to help me kill him.
Mark: Assassinating the Emperor of Valencia? I don't think this will work.
Deadwalker: You must do it! If you fail, I swear I'll haunt Santo Pollo for ETERNITY!
Mark: Fine, fine. Stop imitating Captain Kid.
Deadwalker: Know my catchphrase.
Mark: OK, I'm off to go kill Emperor Freeman...


Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Episode 61: It's Sabotage!-Part I

(Meanwhile, at the Imperial Grounds)

Mark: Is that ghost crazy? Infiltrating 3 thick walls of Valencian Steel, defeating 300 packs of Armada troops, and trying to kill the most powerful emperor in the spiral other than "you-know-who"!

Weasley: Just say the magic word.
Mark: What is it?
Weasley: What you say when you always get beaten to a pulp. "Weasley, attack!"
Mark: Fine...Weasley and SIDF, attack!

*300 armada troops and 3 thick walls later*

Weasley: We made it! Now let's go!
Froggo: ¡Rápido! Vamos a ir a la sala de armas y sabotear las armas!

*In the armory*

Rooke: How dare you disrupt the palace of his Imperial Majesty! Take them!

*Defeats Rooke's troops*

Rooke: Fine, it seems I've underestimated you. You may have taken me, but never the Emperor!

Weasley: Now, to work our way through the palace until every system has been destroyed!

(To be continued in the next exciting adventure, "It's Sabotage!-Part II")