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The Nerfs And Buffs In The Upcoming Update

May 09, 2015
Hmm, where to start? Well, let's talk about the Witchunter change. I haven't downloaded the test realm but I've heard a lot of changes the come, and I've read the New Update Notes released by Kingsisle. So anyways what I've heard is that now when Witchunter activates it will reduce the power of incoming magical attacks? Like Mojo Reaver and Mojo blade will be cut in half in power? That's a scary thought, I guess that applies to soul shroud too. I honestly feel a bit uneasy about this change, and I'm sure a lot of top witches feel the same way.

Mojo Reaver and Blade are probably Witchdoctor's trump cards against a close buckler or Buck. This change will hurt Witchdoctor's drains if a buck or buckler with witch hunter is too close to the Witch's character. I'm not a witchdoctor main anymore but I feel for the class if this update is coming.

Turn the tide Rank 4 and Turn the Tide Rank 5= +25% strength which means critical chances against low strength characters increase.

Relentless rank 4 is a +5% critical chance and relentless 5 is an additional +5% critical chance per hit, wow I really should go back to Buccaner class huh? Well the Buckler are getting upgraded as well which brings me to my next topic.

Buckler is getting some kind of double purge? This is really something else. Top buckler already carry sprocket key now they will have 2 purges? A buckler can easily wipe out your shield supply now oh boy. Wow I don't know what class to go to. Buckler or Buck? Lol

Buckler will be able to get first stike rank 4 which gives +1% more critical chance and rank 5 which the "attack is Hidden (invis to most counter-epics) and +50% damage"

So I guess Vengeance strike won't work with rank 5 and the buckler gets +50% more damage? Interesting very interesting. Quick draw and Quick cast rank 4 and 5 also give +1% more critical chance and is invisible most counter epics and +50% more damage as well.

Let's talk about Privateer now. Discord will no longer work Turn 1 and barely works at the Opponent's character at full health. Now people have an easy way to avoid it by spreading out.

Anyways if you want to more info on the Nerfs and Buffs here is the Update Notes.

Jul 16, 2014
more suggestions for the update:

1-corrupted ki-rin mount up to fast or very fast.
2-tribal crew pack and beast pack upgrades and in specialy aztecosaur companions need more powers .this is a great idea for pvp battles and the stoyline quests.
3-visit houses for players in skull island.
4-team finder to all dungeons of the game in skull island.
5-me look the new haywire armada pack.(spoilers)
i'm no sure really coming?
6- new membership Benefits.
whats is your opinion of this no is much but is possible.

PLEASE Coments guys .

Luis kipton lvl 70

Jun 08, 2009
The witch hunter change will most definitely hurt witches as they will lose most of their damage when their enemy is withing range and will make the musket matchup extremely gruesome for them I think.

As with the epic changes I can't help but agree just about every class got something with privateers and muskets getting overwatch 5 and repel 5 and you went over the buccaneer epics but witch who was never very epic reliant is in a pickle.

With the added purge I wouldn't be surprised if Swashbucklers are once again the most common class in ranked like privateer currently is

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
Wait, added purge? I looked at the update notes and I haven't seen anything about that. Mind explaining?

Jun 08, 2009
ShadowStrikerV2 on Oct 11, 2016 wrote:
Wait, added purge? I looked at the update notes and I haven't seen anything about that. Mind explaining?
There are several new weapons from the dreadnaught that have a power called Surge of technomancy, the power is a single target purge with the range of 5 also the new Haywire dragoon and Haywire battle angel companions have this power as well.

Purge magic in combination with Assassin's Shroud is very fatal if you are low enough especially when they can purge twice and maybe even thrice now with the companions. Of course the interaction between these 2 items has been around for a long time and a lot of players myself have learned to play around it however even in the best scenarios you'll come out on the losing end since Hide removes the back draws of purge should be noted surge of technomancy damages as well but say your under shroud your opponent purges you and removes your fort or shield, and your backup is your Valor's armor and then they can purge that off too and then they assassin's strike you and you won't be having a good time