Just Want to Take a Moment to Say Thanks

Jun 16, 2013
As everyone has made exceptionally obvious statements about the new update in regards to PvP, I just wanted to say this, having finally taken the time to look at more then just the new advanced pet system.

We are all well aware of the concerns surrounding the buff changes and, most of all, how they effected Privateers as a class. Seeing how Privateers have been regarded as the reigning kings of PvP since I started playing last June. My main character is a Privateer, just so you all know where I'm coming from.

So, during my time in test realm, I participated in only a handful of PvP matches. And in pretty much all of them, I was stomped into the ground by players of every other class. And it continued as such, even while I tried to rebuild my character to fit the new style. I started to believe that I had been overly optimistic about the update and that everyone else had, in fact, been correct and Privateers were not only being nerfed, but being forced to fend for scraps off of the floor by the other classes.

Then the update went live. And I panicked. I had been dreading this since I tried my hand at the test realm PvP. Fears of no longer being able to stand a chance on my main character were worrisome, to say the least. I started prepping to shift everything over to my Swashbuckler character to start using him from here on. However, I don't know if KI changed something between the last days of Test Realm and the update going live, but I've found that my fears, as well as those of MANY others, have been ungrounded.

So continuing on, what I'm finding in the update is in fact an EXTREMELY well balanced PvP system. There is now no class that I have faced, on either my Privateer or my Swashbuckler, that has not been a threat nor that have been overwhelmingly powerful. Buccaneers are putting up very serious fights while Privateers and Witchdoctors aren't destroying everyone in their paths. It's no longer a matter of which class is the best (though that's still a factor, it's not nearly as mush of one as it was) but more which player is better then who. And I'm loving it. Yes, Privateers still have an effect on team matches, but those games are no longer decided by which team has more of them.

Now, I do understand that my characters are all fully farmed and as such stand a better chance then those who haven't who are not. But at the same time, so have the vast majority of all my opponents since the update. The only true concern I have now about this udpate is the new Crown Shop weapons. I'm sorry to say it, but any way you look at it, they're extremely powerful. In most cases, more powerful then any of their counterparts obtained through drops. At least, that we are aware of at the moment. Hopefully there are weapon drops of at least equal in power that have been added that just haven't been discovered yet.

So, with that out of the way, I just wanted to let KI know that I feel this is a job EXTREMELY WELL DONE!

Silly Sebastian (,,)

Nope, nothing changed-- except perhaps everyone got a bit more experience with the changes. There's also a high likelihood that the players you faced on the Test Realm were the best of the best. (They're the players most likely to log in to Test.)

I'm encouraged to see that you are finding PvP more balanced and engaging-- though, of course, it bears mentioning that I have not yet begun to balance for PvP.