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Stormzilla. REally?

May 02, 2009
Guess what?
On my Buccaneer it took me 7 tries before I beat Stormzilla
On my Privateer it took me 3 tries before I won
On my Witchdoctor it took me 1 try before I won
I just fought him with my Swashbuckler and I'd say I'm getting better are defeating Stormzilla.

Dec 12, 2008
Elder Wizard Sojo on Dec 11, 2012 wrote:
Why did you all keep this quests?

Its silly and I dont understand why I am forced to master this robot . What's the point?

And why can't I at lest get a heal we spend most of the time killing eggs then one on one with stormzilla who is really strong and powerful. And all we have are useless spells that dont nearly take enough health to do damage. Yet Stormzilla is pounding away with 3-1 hits. This quest is murder and I am tired It hated it in the beta i hate it now.

Can we please rethink that quest it just too hard.
I'm surpirsed people are complaining about this quest. I thought it was cool and smart and just appreciate the fact that kingsile has been toning down the difficulty of this quest ever since launch. it only took me 2 trys to beat. and just because you can't do something dos'nt mean it's broken. It's called haveing poor sportsmanship. sorry but that's how it is with you complainers

May 13, 2011
the only thing that annoys me about it is the hit chance. i cant tell how many times i got some good odds but all the dodging ruined the chance. something weird happened once. the stormzilla used the lightning breath on my fire, then it would hurt anyone going there

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2010
It took me 2 tries to beat Stormzilla. The first time I wasn't using strategy. I was going after him without much thinking and attacking without will. After following this guide it helped me a lot.

Here is the link:

After following this guide I finally destroyed Stormzilla