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Ship Battles

Jun 08, 2008
the biggest problem or should I call it pain I've found so far is when you have to do ship battles. you start doing battle with one (1) enemy ship which of course is a higher rank then yours and all of a sudden your being attacked by another, and then your put into a hand to hand battle because your ships health has been pretty much been depleted. I've also noticed that the enemies seem to be able to hit and heal at a faster rate then we can.
couldn't this be balanced out a little better ? especially the two on one ship thing, I find it annoying trying to deal with one ship and here comes his buddies and then you can kiss your chance of sinking it goodbye.
i'm using a crown ship that is fully equipped.

Community Leader
I usually just run to a windlane when I get an add during a ship battle unless I severely outclass the ship I was fighting. Faster to regroup and try to single them out than to do all battles hand-to-hand. Trying to just sink the ships without being boarded is an interesting metagame of sorts.

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Aug 25, 2011
I agree completely. This is something they need to fix in the game. It wasn't much of a problem in the early areas, but once you get further into the game this causes serious problems. Especially when fighting multiple ships to get a drop, such as black feathers in the big sky area. Please fix this KI!

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Oct 22, 2011
What I do when I see ships groups together, is find the one at the furthest edge, go up to it so it will target me, then I use the 'down' arrow key just a little bit at a time to back up and pull the enemy ship further away from his buddies.

Each ship has a certain area that they can 'patrol'. If you can get a ship pulled towards you, but still within its range then his buddies won't be able to reach you (because they have reached their 'edge' of patrol).

It takes a bit of practice, but it works very well, especially if you're fighting solo.