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Companion Glitches

Jun 10, 2013
I wanted to create a general list where everyone can post glitches relating to companions.

1. The Black Storm Scout is not available to purchase in the Crown Shop so as of right now only Privateer's can acquire this companion:

2. Holly Jolly Roger can be taught Cheap Shot which is currently of no use to him, he is a Musketeer so he should be able to be taught Parting Shot as opposed to Cheap Shot:

3. The Spirits Of Yuletide Set companions currently have 3 bugs, 1. the Spirit Of Giving(Privateer) cannot speak currently, 2. the Spirit Of Receiving(Buccaneer) does not get any additional epic choices upon recruitment, and 3.all 3 companions seem to be missing 1 promotion, if not 2 promotions by the time they get to max level:

4. None of the Ashes Of Armada Pack companions have a voice as of right now:

Ironically there are 3 Spirits Of Yuletide Set companions, and 4 Ashes Of The Armada Pack companions and they happen to be numbers 3 and 4 on my list of bugs.

If anyone else knows other companion glitches, please add them here.

Jan 23, 2011
Another glitch is that the issue with the Valvida Brothers in the crown shop (being able to be "bought" again after their promotion therefore wasting crowns because you already have them) happens with the Yakooza, Doctor Noh, and Tricky Vinny after all of their most recent promotions.