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2 Bugs That I Feel Needs to Be Adressed.

Jan 05, 2013
Hello, I have had two bugs happen to me so far in my experience on Pirate101. First of all, when I got in battle with Jellyfish in Tradewind Skyways, the battle took place literally INSIDE my ship. After I won the battle inside my ship…. I couldn't get the treasure chests so the battle didn't even count towards my quest which is unfortunate. Ok, second off, the talent "Hold the line" doesn't work at all, and it doesn't work for anyone I know either. It is really annoying since it is a waste of talent. When I first found out my companion and me had it, I was like "Yes!". But it doesn't even work, I have had it for a really long time not once has it played in action which is unfortunate. Thanks you for taking to time to read this and hope you could tell me what is going on or fix this bug! ~Practical Wolf

Hello there and thanks for your report! I'd like to refer you a thread we have that might help you with making Bug Reports in this forum as it would be great to get more information from you: link.

In addition to the questions asked on that link, could you also let us know the origin and type of ship you were using when you experienced the battle inside your ship.

Regarding the "Hold the line" talent, along with answering the additional information from the link above, if you could describe what you feel is the expected action of the power and how it is behaving for you, so we can further differentiate if there is an actual issue or if the power is working as intended.


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