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New Content

Mar 31, 2012
I have evidently leveled my musketeer as far as he can go as of now and have zero quests in my quest log to do.... was wondering if anyone had an idea as far as a timeline on new content to be added Guess it's off to get all of the badges I don't currently have and get my nautical level maxed out....any information would be greatly appreciated

Sorry, there isn't a timeline to share regarding upcoming updates to the game, but rest assured that we're always working on new content here in the back channels! We have tentative plans for many expansions to Pirate101.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
May 10, 2010
Congrats on your Musketeer !!!

There are still 4 other classes to get through though.... Each class is different has gets different companions, so it is a new adventure while you wait for new content to come out.

Each class has different powers and talents, making them very unique, interesting, and fun!

Aug 21, 2009
Is there any word on coming out with a PvP system and how that would be work (will we be able to have teams and have ship to ship combat?).

Sep 08, 2008
Oh, I am 5000% sure that there will be expansions. That is guarranteed. And even if there are not going to be any expansions in this game, it would become my favorite game even more.