Crow's Song Doesn't Work??

Mar 10, 2009
Ok, so i just got Crow's Song, which gives Haste(+2 Movement) AND Bonus Attack Talents. Will someone plase tell me exactly what the bonus attack talents are supposed to do? I cast it on my Bonnie Anne, and she picked up Quick Draw. I was like oh thats cool! an extra talent!! Since then, I've cast it on myself AND several other comapnions, and NOTHING happens. Whats going on? Is it bugged? Admin pls respond...

Brody DeBouff
Lvl 27 Witchdoctor

Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
Crow's Song does not work on witchdoctors and also appears to be bugged so it won't always work on others. But that bug is being fixed in the next patch.

Witchdoctors are left out on purpose though, we haven't had an explanation why.

Nov 28, 2009
It does not work on staffy weapons and witchdoctor companions. It may not work on some companions.

Mar 10, 2009
Thx for your replies. I did some more testing, and found out that it only works on musketeers. It apparently only gives quick draw. I even equipped guns myself and it worked on me. I tried it on all my other comps, nada. I hope they get this fixed quickly, because it will prove to be extremely useful. Pity there are still soo many bugs in this game, but it's still pretty new, and I love it regardless

Crow's Song will be fixed and working properly again soon (See the Talents and Powers section of the update notes for the Test Realm)! When the Test Realm is back online, you may want to log on and try the power out again. Thanks!

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