Port Regal


Proud Port Regal

This bustling colony is the seat of Marleybone's colonial presence in Skull Island, a massive port where the spices, fruits, exotic timber, and other valuable commodities of Skull Island are assembled and shipped back to Marleybone (via MooShu). At one time Marleybone was the undisputed master of Skull Island skyway, but the rise of the pirates and the ascendancy of Monquista has pushed the Dog's influence back quite a bit. The former governor's palace on Skull Island (the original colonial capital) was abandoned and moved to Port Regal, where it remains to this day.


Noble Port Regal


Tensions between Monquista and Marleybone have been increasing steadily, but neither side wants to fight a war over such a remote place. The sheer size of Marleybone's colonial empire leaves the Dogs' navy spread too thin to mount an all out assault on Puerto Mico, but the Governor in Port Regal has taken to hiring Irregulars, independent captains (many of them pirates) who are rewarded for harassing Monquistan shipping.