The Beasts in Bestia!

This great sports arena was commissioned by Aquilus, founder of Nova Aquila and first Emperor of the restored Aquilan Empire. It was the first great public work of the reborn empire, meant to be a symbol of Aquila's restored greatness to all the Spiral. Once the scene of all manner of athletic contests, the coliseum was renamed Bestia after the Emperor introduced his people to the new arts of Pet training, and now the great arena serves as the Spiral's greatest center for Pet contests. The Petathelon, a massive competition between Pets from all over the Spiral, is held in Bestia, where visitors from across the Spiral can marvel at the pinnacle of Aquilan art and engineering.


Circus Maximus & Bestia


But Bestia's most wondrous feature is the fact that it is mobile. As a great boon to Aquilus (or possibly a punishment to Atlas, or both), the Immortal Zeus ordered Atlas to lift Bestia onto his shoulders, and carry the island wherever the emperor should command. And so the Petathelon has moved over time, spending years in one world before moving to another. In a bold move, the Emperor recently ordered that Bestia move to the blue skies of Skull Island for the first time, so that that distant world might learn the high art of Pet cultivation. Needless to say, the sudden appearance of the new island caught many Skull Islanders by surprise.