Watch Videos to Earn Crowns for your Pirate!


Watch Videos to Earn Crowns

It's easy to earn Crowns for your Pirate with our in-game Earn Crowns option.

How many Crowns can I earn per day?

Each day a different selection of videos will be available for you to watch in order to earn Crowns. Each video you watch earns 10 Crowns. As long as there are videos available, your Pirate can continue to earn Crowns that day.

I watched a video but I didn't get any Crowns!

First, make sure you watch the entire video. Watching a few seconds or fast forwarding through the video will not award Crowns.

Sometimes there is a small delay between watching videos and Crowns being added to your account. In rare cases, it may be longer than a day before you get your new Crowns.

How come I don't have any videos to watch?

Each day there is a varied amount of videos available to watch. Sometimes your Pirate will have watched all the videos available, and other times there may not be any videos currently available. Just check back later to see when there are more opportunities to watch!

What if I want to turn off the Earn Crowns feature?

If you don't wish to watch videos for Crowns, you can hide the Earn Crowns button by visiting the advanced gameplay section in your Pirate101 settings.

“Auto” – This will hide the button for paying players
“Show” – This will always show the button
“Hide” – This will always hide the button

I don't want my child to watch videos for Crowns. How do I turn this feature off?

If you would not like your child to have access to watching videos for Crowns, visit the My Accounts section on After entering the Master Password, you can turn off Earn Crowns through the Parental Controls interface.

Help! I don't have an Earn Crowns button!

Pirates with a paid membership have their Earn Crowns button turned off by default, but it's easy to change! Just visit the advanced gameplay section of your Pirate101 settings to turn Earn Crowns on.

There is also a Parental Control setting to disable Earn Crowns in the game. If you don't see the button after checking your gameplay, check with your parent to see if you're allowed to watch videos.

Is this feature available for Mac computers?

Sorry, you may currently only watch videos to earn Crowns on your Windows computer.