The Tribal Crew Pack Is Here!


New Items in the Tribal Crew Pack!

From the depths of the Aztecosaur ruins come the Companions, Mounts and more from the Tribal Crew Pack! The first game card pack to hit Pirate101 is loaded with tons of goodies, and your Pirate has a chance to gain cool new items like:

  • Aztecosaur Companions
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold!
  • Housing Items
  • Pets
  • Training Tomes
  • and More!

Check out the Tribal Crew Pack in the Pirate101 Crown Shop!

NOTE: The vendor treasures from the Tribal Crew pack are new items that may only be sold to the Free Traders around the world, such as Jolly Roger in Avery’s Court. If you think you're missing a treasure item from the Tribal Crew Pack, please note that treasures don't have their own unique tab in the inventory and may still be found in the "All Equipment" section of your backpack, bank, and shared bank. We hope you enjoy the gold rewards you get from the Aztecosaur Treasures!