The New April Fools Mount!

Splish splash, the Spiral's taking a bath! Introducing a mount that brings a new level of sophistication and polish to the Spiral - the Rubber Ducky!

Hop and bop along with our rubbery new mount!

Don't be that quack in the Spiral without a duck! Pick up your ducky for only 3,750 Crowns!


You have to hurry though, the Rubber Ducky mount and the free Helm of Protection giveaway are only sticking around for a limited time. They will only be available until Tuesday, April 5th at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Go Get the Rubber Ducky Mount - it's in the Crown Shop Now!


What Pirates are Saying about Rubber Ducky

"The perfect addition to any waterfowl collection." - Pleasant Nicole Ingleby

"It's... a... lot... of... bouncing!" - Husky Kevin Moone

"Now the Spiral is going to be squeaky clean!" - Snobby Heather Quince

Free Hat Giveaway!

We're also giving away a free Helm of Ultimate Protection hat! Now your Wizard can be protected from all the unknown dangers of the Spiral. Use code besthatever to get yours.