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  • Create your Pirate and sail your custom ship on extraordinary adventures
  • Recruit and train tough Companions to help fight battles on both land and ship
  • Collect great treasures as you travel the Spiral to complete your quests
  • Build or join a powerful Pirate101 crew with your friends and family


Welcome to the Free Family Game Pirate101!

Pirate101 is a free to play MMO Pirate adventure game with flying ships, board game combat and far off worlds that's safe for kids and fun for players of all ages! The game allows players to create their own Pirate to sail through the Skyway in hopes of treasure and daring quests.

Play for free with your friends in this cool Pirate game!

  • Customize your own Pirate Ship
  • Discover new worlds in the Spiral
  • Join other Pirates to beat tough bosses
  • Train cool pets to help you in battle
  • Fly your Ship through magical Skyways
  • No trial expiration - play for free forever!

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