Pirate101 Producer's Letters


Hello, Pirates!

Ahoy - Schooooooooool’s out, me hearties!!

Is everyone enjoying the summer sunshine? Swimming? Riding your bike? Hiking? PLAYING PIRATE101!? When you’re not outside, we certainly hope you’ve had a chance to log in to the Spiral and enjoy all the new features added with the big spring 2014 update in May.

By now, I’m guessing some of you have trained and leveled up your pets and discovered amazing new hybrids when morphing them with other pets - pretty cool, huh? We’ve got more new pets and hybrids on the way soon, so no worries if you’ve already discovered some of the rare combinations.



Summer is always a great time to hang out with your friends, and hopefully that’s now much easier to do in game with “Mark & Recall” zipping you across the Skyways, and “Group Plunder Chests” offering special items to Pirates who like to team up – there’s power in numbers, especially when “Doubloons” are floating around. Certainly a lot of space to float around now in Avery’s Court and show off your favorite gear, Companions, and Mounts, and trust me when I say that, very soon, it might be tricky to recognize Pirate folks when standing around the fountain.

Oh yeah, while school may be out, the Spiral remains a-spinning and we’ll continue to upgrade and polish and add new Piratey goodies for your consumption. We’ll have more to discuss soon, and I don’t want to Boar anyone with details, so let me just wish you the best of summer fun and offer a few words of guidance for the coming months: temperatures can sometimes be a Bear as summer moves along, and heat rises just as the sun in the Far East. So be careful climbing stairs, hydrate to avoid a Stitch in your side, and don’t be afraid to seek assistance. Remain Cool and seek shortcuts if travelling long distances, and keep extra provisions on hand to swap out or trade with new friends you might meet – summer is always a great time to make new friends. And another thing to keep – Whoa! Look at the time! I have to run back and meet with my Boss about some things real quick, so let me quit the jibber-jabber as I’m sure you’re dyeing to get back outside and play capture the Flag, or if you’re tired of that, switch things up, and stay inside and play PIRATE101!!

On behalf of our Pirate101 Team and all of KingsIsle, my continuing thanks to you, Pirates, for sharing your gaming passion with us as both players and collaborators. Your Message Board posts are always interesting and helpful as we plan ahead for the future, and we’re always inspired by your commitment to solve issues, suggest improvements and make the best Pirate game possible we can all enjoy for years to come.

Have a great summer everyone; we’ll catch up again soon.

Faithfully Yaaaars,

Jay Gordon (aka The Frogfather)
Piratey Producer