Pirate101 Producer's Letters


Greetings from the New Producer

Halston? Can you… *crackle*… boost the signal… *crackle* a little more? Are you getting me over there? Ah, yes. I think I’m coming in clear now.

My dear Pirates,

Allow me to make your acquaintance. I’m Professor Dalia Falmea, from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City, and I’m also your new Senior Producer.

The FrogFather and I have made an unlikely partnership (he’s a softy at heart, but shhhh! don’t tell anyone), and I am transitioning to bring all the Masters of the Spiral together to form the new KingsIsle MMO Live Team. What exactly does that mean, you ask? It’s actually a super cool thing because it means we’ll have one elite team working to discover new fun things for Wizards, Pirates, and all manner of other creatures within the vast worlds of the Spiral.

Not to worry, the old deckhands like FrogFather are still around, but they’re swabbing the decks for more than Pirate101 these days. In addition, all your salty old friends like Blind Mew, Decius, and Ratbeard are still on board as well, helping new folks to learn the ropes and hoist the sails under their tutelage.


As your new Producer, it falls on me to tell you what we have planned for the future of Pirate101, for better or worse. We hope it’s always for better, and on that note, we have some exciting news.

For those who have conquered all the current content, you’ll soon be able to embark upon our first ever nautical gauntlet, “The Pirate’s Regatta”, on the upcoming test realm. It’s shaping up to be a significant challenge, but naturally, with great risk, comes great reward, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy the adventure… and the plunder.

We’ve also got some great updates for Pirates of ALL LEVELS coming soon. Our headliner of the Summer Update is ranked PVP. It’s overdue, and we’re really excited to debut this for our dedicated PVP players. We’re pretty sure you’re going to want to jump in and join us once you discover how rich with Scrip the rewards are (and that there are some new, epically cool Scrip rewards to get as well…)! Also, we’ve developed a completely new PVP mode: the Battle Royale. Jump in and join an all-out-every-Pirate-for-themselves experience that boasts the opportunity for big fun and even bigger rewards. Members will always have free access, and Crowns players will just have to pay a nominal fee per match, day, or season.

Continuing on with the original Pirate101 Team’s goals: we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of life in the Spiral. One of the biggest improvements we’ve been able to bring to you with this update is combat speed options. Think things are going a little too slowly? Flick the “speed me up” switch, and your combat will run about 50% faster. Another great quality of life improvement is that Companions will now be a little less maintenance to respec – both gold and Crown costs have been lowered.

Lastly, we know many of you have been waiting a long time to hear about when we might continue the storyline. Unfortunately, I can only tell you that we are still exploring the possibilities. The Pirate story is a big one, and telling that story is a task we don’t take lightly. We are working hard to determine the best way to advance the story, increase the level cap, and allow you to forge ahead with your epic voyage, but I just cannot make any definite promises about how or when.

Even Vadima’s crystal ball doesn’t have that answer… yet.

In the meantime, I haven’t spoiled ALL the updates, and I will go ahead and tell you that there’s not long to wait to see what’s in store. The Test Realm is almost here, and I hope you’ll hop on to help us make this Summer Update the best it can be! We appreciate your continuing support and the strength of our tight-knit community. Thank you for playing, and we’ll see you in the Test Realm soon.

With Fire,

Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben
Senior Producer