Pirate101 Producer's Letters


December 2015 Producer's Letter

My dear Pirates,

When last we spoke, it was in the heat of the summer – my favorite time of the year. As these colder months roll in, however, it’s the holiday spirit that keeps me warm, along with all the goodies, especially those that I get to share with you!

In August, we released the ranked PVP update. Along with the opportunity to earn scrip, seasonal ranks, and rewards, we also introduced the Battle Royale—a free-for-all PvP mode for up to four players—and that was just the start. The update also included:

  • The Pirate’s Regatta, our first nautical gauntlet. It’s a toughie, but a great way to earn scrip and other great rewards.
  • Clandestine trainers that allow you the opportunity to learn powerful new abilities.
  • Reduced respec costs for pirates, including one freebie.
  • Reduced respec costs for companions too!
  • More consistency in the rate at which companions receive epic talents.
  • Improved promotions and talents for companions, including a few new talents.
  • A slew of new hybrid pets (some of which have not yet been discovered!)
  • Some additional upkeep, maintenance, and general tidying up

For our 3rd birthday and Halloween celebrations, we added some fun things for everyone:

  • Birthday presents – now with actual presents! Our friends at Stars of the Spiral were kind enough to recap what was in there.
  • A birthday PvP party. What’s getting a year older without a brawl, eh? Congrats to Slick Mary Renner for the 60k crown win and all the other runners up! Special note to Stubborn Duncan Freeman for winning Crowns at this and the last pvp event. Lucky scallywag, am I right?
  • Some pretty sweet pets (like the Karma Chameleon) and celebratory housing items to decorate your cabin.

And how about the 12 days of the Spiral? I think that might even merit a song…

(To the tune of the Christmas song, please!)

Banded 'Guana basking on sunny rocks
Holly Jolly Roger nipping at your (enemy’s) nose
Yuletide presents being opened box by box
And new ships taking you wherever the wind blows…

Everyone knows a turkey dinner and a Mistletoad
Help to make the season bright
Nefarious Five Pirates with their eyes all a-glow
Will find it hard to sail tonight

They know that Booch and Gandry will be bold
They’ve loaded lots of new holiday booty in their hold
And if you join up with friends and adventure far and near
You may find some of those goodies to hold dear

And, so, I’m offering you this simple phrase
To Pirates from level one to sixty five
Although it’s been said at times a different way
Yo ho ho and a happy holiday from KI!

As for what comes next, we’re charting the course for the new year, and we have some exciting stuff in store. I look forward to sharing that soon… perhaps in an upcoming Falmea Friday, hmmm? Until then, I wish you merry and bright holiday season, and cheers to a great 2016 together!

With Fire,
Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben
Senior Producer of MMO Content