Pirate101 Producer's Letters


Season’s Greetings, Pirates!

Wow, it’s almost New Years, can you believe it? Time she flies like a great Aquilan Galleon on The Achaean Way, wearing roller skates! (Before you ask for an Aquilan Galleon on roller skates, we’ve already tried, it won’t work – sorry.)

What an adventure it’s been. Our first, full year in the Spiral with Pirate101, and we’ve really enjoyed the ride thus far with everyone on board.

From Marleybone to Aquila, "Stitching" to the "Bazaar," "Class Houses" to "Henchmen," and "Ships," "Ships" and more "Ships," we’ve covered a lot of new adventures since Launch in October of 2012, and it’s so exciting to know how much more is still to come.



Thank you, all so very much for your continuing support and feedback on the Message Boards, with social media and through Test Server Reports. You continue to amaze us with your passion, insight and unlimited creativity for this Pirate world we share and cherish. Please keep the great feedback and ideas coming – we may not get to all of them right away, but the Spiral is a very big and ever-expanding universe; the Pirate Skyways have no limit.

As you know, we recently updated Pirate101 with a few adjustments, fixes, and new, sparkly Holiday items for the Crown Shop. While we hope those additions prove a tasty snack to your current Pirate experience, please know that there’s a lot more where that came from landing quite soon as we morph into the New Year. In fact, there’s a ton of new content already underway for 2014, and while I won’t ruin the surprise (it’s one of my personal pet peeves whenever someone does that), suffice to say there are more new characters, worlds and gameplay features coming than you can shake a breadstick at!


Until then, I wish you all a very happy holidays and pleasant New Year filled with Joy, Friendship, Loot, Yum, and hearty goodwill amongst all Pirates everywhere.

On behalf of Team Pirate101 and the entire KingsIsle Family, to you and yours -

Happy New Yaaaaaaar!!!!

Your Pirate Producer, Jay Gordon (aka The Frogfather)