Pirate101 Producer's Letters


August 2018 Newsletter

Me Pirate Friends,

Once again, the heat of the summer returns, and so I’m taking the opportunity to hoist me sails and feel the warm wind again. Me galleon has traveled through MooShu to see the trees in bloom, and I plan to hit the beach in Skull Island before the breeze turns cold.

Speaking of seasons, spring and summer have seen a plentitude of new pets and mounts in the Spiral. There’s still time to excel at PVP battles and get your Rock Spider pets before the leaves turn colors and a new pet will appear for the fall. I wonder what it will be...

While you wait to find out, I’d like to revisit some of the pets that we’ve added since I last wrote to you all:
  • Spring PvP Pet – Sea Dragon Pet
  • Summer PvP pet – Rock Spider pets
  • Tons of other new pets and mounts, including:
    • New Koi mount
    • Golden Eagle mount
    • Green Vine mount
    • Skeletorus pet (and the accompanying SPIDER FIGHTS! on KI Live...)
    • The April Fool’s Ball-n-chain mount
    • Butterfly Swarm mount
    • Cyan Marshadillow Pet
    • Mara and Asmodeus Poisonteeth pets
    • Care Hare mount
    • New Heart, Dark, and Seraph wing mounts


It’s always a wonderful thing when we get the opportunity to share Pirate101 with a larger audience, and earlier this year we received the opportunity to start selling our new TOTEM themed game cards in certain Safeway and Albertsons stores. There are a few different Totems to collect and they all have unique effects that have never been seen before! Keep an eye out for them!

March also saw the return of the “pillow fight” weekend. Congrats to Lail Laveer for winning (with 178 pillows). You can see the results HERE. Hopefully, you all enjoyed this event! Next time we run it, we may change up how you obtain your pillows so pay attention next time this event comes around!

I don’t often get to announce features via the Producer Letter, but let me take a moment to talk about two new things that will be coming to Test Realm... really soon, actually.

We are excited to announce that we will be bringing Skeleton Key Bosses to Pirate101! We’ve always thought that this mechanic would fit nicely in this corner of the Spiral, and we think you’ll enjoy these battles just as much as we have enjoyed creating them.


Here’s a rundown about what you can expect:

  • Skeleton keys can be obtained all over the game.
  • This first round of Skeleton Key bosses are all for our highest level Pirates.
  • Old Scratch will show you how they work, and he just might surprise you with his new abilities.
  • Four new Skeleton Key bosses in total are added in this update.
  • Some of the rewards are HIGHLY requested items
  • We’ve got the second round planned for later this year – this one will be for all levels of Pirates!

We often talk about some features helping our Quality of Life in the Spiral and we have picked a few things to improve this summer! I’d like to talk about inventory woes for a moment. It seems like every five levels or so I find that my Backpack is COMPLETELY full, so of course have to take the time to reorganize everything! I’m spending time transferring items around and selling my hard-earned loot when I should be adventuring! Well, after the next update, I’ll still have to do that, but I can put it off a little longer! That’s right, we’re adding some breathing room in your inventory spaces.

  • In the Crown Shop, we’re adding an Expand Backpack Elixir that gives you 40 more inventory slots. PERMANENTLY. Each Pirate can purchase a maximum of TWO.
  • We’re adding 20 free bank spaces for everyone!
  • Along with that, we’re offering an Expand Bank Elixir that gives you 40 more inventory slots (also permanently). Each Pirate can purchase a maximum of TWO.
  • And, because we want to make sure you can keep track of all your maties, we’ve added an Expand Friends List Elixir to the Crown Shop as well. They permanently add 25 friends list slots each, and each Pirate can purchase a maximum of TWO.

Decius would like me to let everyone know that he hasn’t neglected pet wranglers! Besides adding some new pet naming options with the next update, there are also some undiscovered hybrids that are in the Spiral even now! A clue for one of them is… I am the terror that quacks in the silvery moon light. With that knowledge, go forth and morph!

There’s actually quite a bit more coming throughout the rest of the year, but I don’t want to let ALL the Firecats out of the bag at once, so stay tuned for more info.

Finally, I certainly can’t conclude this letter without welcoming our new Community Manager, Bat Masterson, otherwise known as Mathew Anderson (or MANDERSON!!!). You can read his introduction HERE, and we interviewed him on KI Live last month. We’re happy to have him here at KI and look forward to y’all getting to know him better!

I look forward to sailing through the skyways with you! Until next time, my Pirate friends, may the breeze be warm and at your back.

With Fire,

Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben
Senior Producer, MMO Content