Pirate101 Producer's Letter


August 2017 Producer's Letter

My Pirate Friends,

My travels have brought me back to these skyways, and I wanted to share a few things with you.

First of all, let’s celebrate the new pets and new mounts that have made their way into the Spiral this spring and summer. If you’ve been in Davy Jones locker, here’s what you’ve missed:

  • Spring PvP pet – the Clock-o-gator
  • Summer PvP pet – the Heckhound
  • Tons of other new pets and mounts, including:
    • Majestic Ibis pet
    • Riding Lion mount
    • Spring Yeti pet
    • Manticore pet
    • Friendship Oni pet
    • Coolest Mount Ever


New Stuff. We celebrated Halloween and our Fifth birthday with a ton of new and cool stuff:

  1. What’s a birthday or a holiday without a party? We introduced our Party Room to the Crown Shop, which has two pretty cool features: first, it automatically changes as the season changes, and second, you enter through your house but can mingle with Pirates on the same realm as you once you’re in. Oh, there are also some group chests with some pretty sweet loot in there too, so bring your friends to party!
  2. Embrace your wild side and don the Giraffe and Unicorn wigs.
  3. Show your class pride and get your class specific rowboats!
  4. Max level? Feeling left out when looking at some things in the Crown Shop? We’ve updated all the CCG packs to add a level 70 tier of gear and weapons, and added new level 70 Crown Shop gear.
  5. Let’s talk riding around in style. There’s the Cloudstrider Pegasus mount, the Day of the Dead horse mount, the Gloomthorn vine mount, and one of my favorites, the Birthday Balloon mount!
  6. The infamous birthday present boxes had even better loot specifically for our fifth birthday. It was a special year, and we wanted it to be especially rewarding.

And, of Course... No discussion of the update would be complete without the Auto Companion and Ship PVP features, both of which we’re going to take to the next level. That’s right, we’ve got improvements in the works! Here’s what you’ll find coming very soon:

Companions on automatic play will get a little smarter. They’re more likely to use abilities like buffs and heals. They’ll also be better about avoiding traps and proximity based opponent abilities. You can also ask them to skip their turn if you’d rather they just hold formation. Things overall should be a little more ship shape without you at the helm in combats.

For ship PVP, we’re into the next phase. In practice ship PVP, we’ve added temporary leaderboards so you can know your current standings… and who you should go after. We’re bringing everyone to a single realm to PVP (but returning you to the same realm you were at previously when you leave the zone). Also, you now have a reason to get out of safe harbor – that’s right, there’s a turret in the middle of the zone with some sweet treasure – including two new ship powers! Battle stations!

Now the winter holidays are upon us. We’ve got all the typical festivities as expected, but there’s more this year!

  1. Gingerbread raiders have invaded the Spiral skyways. Defeat enemy ships in the Skull Island, Westminster, and Calabria Skyways to ferret them out, and crumble some cookies for a chance at cool loot and some new brag-worthy badges.
  2. If you were missing our little snowman that stuck around all spring and you’re dying to continue to “Stay Frosty,” there are more snowmen to hunt down throughout the Spiral.
  3. Monquista City, Barkley Square in Marleybone, and Florenza in Valencia are a little more festive now (including present boxes!).
  4. As always, we’ll be celebrating 12 days of the Spiral, you’ll find that there are new ways to deck out your Pirate to celebrate this wonderful (if cold…) time of year. Winter is indeed coming.

But, soon it will be spring. We’re already talking about our plans for 2018. While it’s much too early to confirm anything specific, we’re really excited to continue to add fun to the Spiral next year! Stay tuned for more awesomeness and have a great holiday!

With fire,

Leah "Professor Falmea" Ruben
Senior Producer of MMO Content