It’s time for a fiesta!

Pirates de Mayo is back and bigger than ever! Festive items and sales will be added each day until Cinco de Mayo. Make sure to take advantage of these deals before they’re gone on Sunday, May 14th.

  • Pato de los Muertos Mount (PERM)
  • Mascarilla de Muerto Face Paint
  • Patcho de Mayo Eyepatch
  • Gobbler Pinata Housing Item

  • Crazy Monquistador
  • Froggo Villa
  • Mustang Gaucho
  • Martin Valvida
  • Moresco de Valvida
  • Goronado

Save up to 40% on select pony mounts!
  • Prancing Pony (PERM)
  • Pristine Pony (PERM)
  • Midnight Mare (PERM)
  • Two-Tone Trotter (PERM)
  • Pale Horse (PERM)

Save 30% off select ships:
  • De Bonzo Skiffs

Save 25% off select ship equipment:
  • Goronado Figurehead
  • Armor Fuerte Armor
  • Alto Velas Sails

Take advantage while you can, this fiesta will disappear on Sunday, May 14th