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Iago's Defeat by Ruthless Luke Richardson

After teaching Dead-eye Nick and his crew a lesson, I sailed off to Port Regal and into the malestorm know only as The Gold Horn. Once there, it was time to face Iago, the unicorn rogue.

Iago states," Ah, so your that Ruthless Luke pirate the monquistians want dead. Well I'll be happy to let them know what happened to ye after this fight.

Ruthless Luke replies," You have a lot of confidence for someone whose about to taste defeat. If I can beat the strongest Monquista has to offer, then I can beat you.

I immediatly charge into battle with me firstmate Kobe (Bull Samoorai), Wild Jim (Cat Corsair) and Princess Isabella (Orchid Chameleon). I give every body a +50% strength boost and then charge off. I run to face Iago alone whilst Kobe and Jim attack his rat brigands. Iago is barely able to land a blow on me armor and defend aganst my vegenagce strikes. By the time Iago had half health, Kobe and Jim defeated Iago's lackeys and were charging in with criticals. Finally it was the final showdown, with one stroke I used me ultimate move, Vicious Strike, and he for his first time.

The End


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