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Vincible Pirates by Burly

"Battle stations!" cried Burly. Burly grappled his hands firmly onto the wheel and steered towards the Cutthroats ship to board and plunder. They boarded the ship and began to attack the Cutthroats. Burly the Buccaneer whipped his sturdy battle axe around his body and connected it into the Cutthroat's armor and he let out a roar of anger and struck back seeking vengence but the victory was short lived when Anne the Musketeer fired an electric projectile and the Cutthroat was defeated.

"That was not much of a fight," Burly exclaimed.

"Maybe there is more inside," Anne protested.

So they went inside the ship and came upon a room that was very dark except for some light that came from the ceiling. So Burly told Anne to go back to the ship and he went ahead on further to the center of the room and when he got to the center he stopped cold in his tracks because he heard someone say, "Don't take one more step."

Now a week later a search party went out to find any evidence of Burly or his ship and crew, but they found nothing. But they noticed that there was a whole lot of debris floating around in the ocean that looked very much like Burly's ship but they never found any solid evidence of what happened to him.


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