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Red Rachel's Log by Red Rachel Devereaux

I never trusted journals. I guess I’m supposed to pour everything into this soggy, old book. The only reason I’m using you after who knows how many years is because I’ve started my pirate career and when I become famous, I want people to know how I got to be famous.

My name is Red Rachel Devereaux, but apparently Devereaux is a very popular last name, so I just go by Red Rachel. My parents were Donald and Joan Devereaux. They were quite famous, but one day they went looking for some great treasure, but never came back. In fact, I remember the exact moment I heard the dire news.

It was years ago, my tenth birthday. Actually, I think it was the same birthday I got you. My parents always bring me along whenever they go treasure hunting, but they leave me with a “friend” of theirs. Thinking back, I think all those people I stayed with owed my parents favors. Anyway, I was staying in Mooshu with an old goose named Yogisho Shen. He had a son named Egg Shen who was about my age. Me and Egg were playing out in the yard, when two samoorai came to the house.

“May I help you?” Yogisho said as he came out the door. His face looked as pale as Avery’s beard. I think he already knew the reason the samoorai came, and deep inside, I think I knew too.

“Greetings” said one of the samoorai. He looked to be the leader of the bunch. “I am afraid I bear dire news”. He came up to me, knelt down so that our eyes met. Even though his face was quite stern, his eyes alone looked like he was crying inside. “I am afraid your parents have failed to return yet”.

And that, what the samoorai said, marked the beginning of the rest of my life.


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