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A Pirate’s Story by Brave Kimberly Silver

My name is Hunter Yard and I lost my parents while sailing due to an Armada attack. The Armada ship blasted my parent’s ship out of the sky. Unfortuantely, they couldn’t escape, but I managed to do so.

Without my parents, I was forced to be sent into an orphanage in MooShu. I was trained to be an assassin there by a clan of Ninja Pigs. Soon, I became very skilled with a blade and gained the tittle of “Swashbuckler.”As a Swashbuckler, I was known for my incredible speed and cunning.

One day, I was arrested by the Armada for assaulting an Armada officer while defending my best friend’s honor. I was aloud out of prison a year later with another prisoner to be my companion. My companion was a horse barbarian named Subodai who was from Mooshu, like me.

Boochbeard taught me how to sail a ship and how to battle on one since when I was child, my parents never taught me how to do these things.

I was sent to a man named Captain Avery in Avery’s Court to seek protection since I am on the run from the Armada now that they know that I have been released form prison.

Captain Avery told me that he will only hide me if I work to repay him for his services. He wants me to reclaim his Jade Amulet that was taken by a Bucaneer named Fin. He says that every pirate must have a ship. If I help him get his Amulet back, then he will provide me with one.

On my quest to get the Amulet, I have recruited a new member to my crew. I recruited a female Musketeer named Bonnie Anne. She will now help me in battle along with Subodai.

I got the Jade Amulet back for Captain Avery and got what he calls a ship. It was barely a ship. It was more like a boat and even Avery knows it himself.

I will get the ship that I deserve from Captain Avery!


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