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Instigating by Nathaniel Young

“Megan!” I yelled. “Clean up this mess!”

Mac and cheese were sitting there, uneaten, all over the table. And empty bowl with no spoon was on its side on the floor.

Twelve year old megan walked into the room. “That wasn’t me. You shoulod know that by now.” She turned around to leave.

“At least tell me who it was.”

“William.” Our six year old adobted brother. I should probably have known, but I was already mad at megan for leaving me at the mercy of a broken dishwasher that sprayed water everywhere whenever it was opened. Only for a couple seconds of course. That’s why our parents where out. To get a new one.

“Ah. Ok. William! Clean this mess up!” I yelled, making sure I got the right person this time.

“Not me!” I heard william yell.

“I know it was you william! You’re the only one who couldn’t have done it! Get in here!”

William ran in. He saw the mess. Terror was on his face for a second, and then, calm. “No. Bug did it.”

I was getting seriously mad at william. “No william you did it. Do I need to tell mom you lied again?”

He looked at his feet. “No. I clean it, all of it up.”

“Good boy.” I stretched. “Gah. I forgot, I need to mow the lawn.” Megan turned on the TV and started watching what looked like mythbusters.

A long knock on the door ensued almost the instant I reached for the back door. “What now!” I asked impatiently.

“Is this one of your friends?” Megan asked. She sounded disgusted. “He’s wearing some freak drama roman type mask.” She shook her head.

“What?” I looked through the peephole just as a rather tall man, who’s face was covered by a white mask like you would see in a roman play, started knocking again.

“Open up in the name of the armada!”

“Blake if that’s you…” I put my hands in a fist, and opened the door.

Instantly the hallway was flooded by other people wearing drama masks. Megan was knocked over by one.

“We have reason to believe there is contraband in this domicile!” The man declared. I could tell he would have had a pompous look on his face has he not been wearing a mask.

“Domicile?” I questioned. “Who says that anymore?”

“Obviously I do,” the man said smugly.

William walked over and fell over laughing. The man drew what looked like a flintlock pistol and roared, “STOP LAUGHING TINY WHIMP!”

William stopped, but then said, “You dress funny.”

Now that I thought about it, he and his buddies or whoever they were, were all dressed like pirates. The man had a pirate hat, and his buddies were all carrying muskets and old swords.

“Is that a scimitair?” Megan asked incrediously. “Wasn’t that like, made obsolote three hundred years ago?”

The man seemed to glower at her. “You know very well what this sword is!” He patted the weapon by his side.

“I do?”

“Its not a scimitair, it’s a cutlass,” I whispered to her.

“I do!”

The man nodded, seemingly oblivious to my whispering to Megan.

“Sir!” one of the other soldiers said. “I found black circles of poisonous death!” He held up a package of oreos.

William cracked up and Megan chuckled. I rolled me eyes. “Those are cookies.

Seriously, have you never had one?”

To my surprise the soldier shook his head.

“You three are coming with us!”

“I refuse megan said!’ That is, I’d rather not to, mr, um…”

“My name!” the man said offended, “is pompous nimrod!”

That sent all three of us into hurdles of laughter. William was only laughing because we were, I was almost sure of that.

“Deacon gave me the title! I shall keep it!”

“Man, did this deacon guy pull one over you!” Tears were coming to my eyes.

“Seriously, pompous nimrod! Ha! What a name!”

“What’s it mean here?”

“Wow. Wait. Here?! Where are you from, babylon, 320 bc?”

“No.” Nimrod stood a little straighter. “I am from the armada!”

“Very informative,” I said dryly.

“It is isn’t it!” Nimrod exclaimewd excitedly. “I will probably be promoted for saying that!”

“Man, you are really stupid.”

“Really? Deacon says it’s my greatest weakness!”

“He’s right” Megan said.

“What the heck?” I said. A bomb had rolled into the room.

“Cover!” Nimrod bellowed. The bomb did nothing when it exploded, not that it dould have mattered. It just threw electricity at everyone. They all evaporated.

“I like black circles of poisoness doom!” One of the soldiers decided as he dissapeared.

An amazingly fat man and a monkey dressed up in what seemed to be an admirals suit walked in. “Me names boochbeard!” the fat pirate looking man announced. “Ah them evil armada bullies was being here wasn’t they!”

“I suppose,” Megan said in amazment. “Who are you guys?”

“We come to collect you and take you to skull lisland to be pirates!”

“Sorry, I have to babysit,” I said sarcastically. “yeah. Go away. This was a dumb joke anyways.”

“Oh its not a joke! The monkey said. Megan shrieked and William said, “Cool!”

“We know it’s a stretch. But your comin with us!” he threw powder all around us, and there was a flash. Next thing I knew we were falling, and then we were on a pirate ship. But it was flying!

I yelped in surprise, but boochbeard just chuckled. “This here’s a sky ship! In the spiral we fly. We don’t sail in water! Ha! Anyways, lets get you to skull island. Ya best rest up. It’s not healthy to travel between worlds!"


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