Hello Pirates!

As we take out our parrrrty hats and celebrate another incredible year of Pirate101, we have some very exciting news to share with all of you.

Both the Pirate101 and Wizard101 communities have fallen in love with the characters, stories, and mysteries of the Spiral. Yet so much of the Spiral universe is still unexplored. We’re always looking for what will be next for us as a company and one thing is clear – we want to expand our existing IPs and continue the Spiral’s stories in new and unexpected ways. Now we are taking the first step towards making that a reality!

Today we’re soft launching Pirate101: Plunder Hunt on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game is sprinkled with Pirate101 assets and will serve as an initial test bed as we navigate expanding a Spiral IP for the first time in years!

We’re really excited about starting to venture into new opportunities like this, but we also want to make a few things clear right off the bat:

  • This game is not a Pirate101 port. Pirate101: Plunder Hunt is a completely separate game with its own mechanics and adventures. The new game utilizes Pirate101 assets and takes place in the same universe, but it’s more an extension of the Pirate101 brand – not an extension or continuation of the Pirate101 MMO itself.
  • The main focus of the game right now is to test. What we’re looking for at the moment is general interest in a Pirate101 mobile game and having early game metrics inform us of how to best proceed. We’re entering new territory here, and it’ll take some trial and error to get it right. Because the purpose of the game is to test, it doesn’t have the depth or polish that a full version of the game would have. As such, please focus on gameplay and balance during this early phase. Adding deeper lore and story would be considered later. Think of the game as being in a very very early alpha state right now.
  • This game’s development will not affect Pirate101 whatsoever. The Pirate101 MMO team and the Pirate101: Plunder Hunt team are completely different! KingsIsle developers who know and love Pirate101 are overseeing and helping on the project, but the actual development work is being done in collaboration with an internal gamigo team. Consider it our first internal game partnership in what we hope to be many more!
  • We need feedback! The passion of the Pirate101 community is a huge reason why the game is currently enjoying its 11th anniversary this year. As we embark on these unchartered waters, we need your help to make sure that we’re building something that you actually want to play. Your input is valuable, and together we can expand Pirate101 into places we never thought possible.

So, please give the game a try and let us know your thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns ! We want to hear all of it! The more people who play the game and offer feedback, the more interest we’ll see to support doing more projects like this moving forward.

Please direct any feedback you have to the below channels:
As a thank you for helping us test and being a part of making this game the best it can be, you can receive a reward from playing through Pirate101: Plunder Hunt! After you progress through enough of the game, you will receive a code for a FREE Batacuda Mount in Pirate101! You may also receive this code by making a $1.99 purchase in the game's in-app store.

The future is bright and we’re eager to go on this exciting new journey with all of you. There is still so much of the Spiral you haven’t seen yet!
-The KingsIsle Team

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