Your Beta Gift - The Pioneer's Eyepatch


Introducing the Pioneer's Eyepatch

We’re thanking our Pirate101 Beta players with a special gift that not only screams, “I’M A PIRATE,” but also shows you’re one of our rock stars! It’s the Pioneer’s Eyepatch!

    Pioneer’s Eyepatch Details:
  • Equips to the Token outfit slot.
  • Has a card of the Rouse healing power!
  • Has no level restriction.
  • Is classified as a No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction item so you’ll never accidentally delete it, and it is tradable between your characters through the Shared Bank.
  • The star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game—ever—and will let everyone know you played in Beta.

The Pioneer’s Eyepatch will be placed in your account’s gift window and will be redeemable in game starting the week of October 8th.

    Special Notes:
  • Remember, you must have actually logged on to the game during Beta to receive this eyepatch. It is not enough to just have been invited to Beta. We want to make sure we award those who logged on and put the game through its paces.
  • The Pioneer’s Eyepatch will NOT be given to those who only participate in the October 4th Stress Testing / Free Preview of Pirate101.

Thank you from KingsIsle Entertainment.