Pets in Pirate101


Pets are a Pirate's Best Friend!

The cool Pets of the Spiral have found their way to Skull Island! Pets have only just begun their journey in Pirate101, and we have lots of fun stuff planned for your favorite little creatures.

Pet Roles in Pirate101

  • Pets have their own new attributes and talents you can train for
  • Pets can trail alongside your Pirate during your adventures
  • Morph two pets to create your perfect, unique pet
  • Cheer your pet on in sparring matches to determine which pet is supreme
  • Occasionally, your pets will join in battle to help defeat enemies!
Pirate101 Pet Games

Pets on the Battleboard

When your Pet decides to join and fight alongside your Pirate, they do so as an ally. What is an ally? An ally is a unit that helps your Pirate, but not one that you can control.

Not only do Pets serve as helpful allies, but sometimes having your Pet join the battle can possibly help you outnumber the enemy. Also, as your Pirate levels up and gains more experience, so does your trusted Pet!

Celebrate Pets in Bestia!

In Bestia you’ll learn more about your Pets: they’ve always been loyal allies that spar at your side in combat, but now you can raise their level by training—even getting them higher level than your Pirate! The Circus Maximus in Bestia has all the fun advanced pets activities. Can you morph the best Pet? Will your Pet prevail in the Pet Sparring Arena?


Did You Know?

There are lots of different ways to get Pets! You can purchase them in the Crown Shop, or even win special Pets from tough boss fights!