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Going Bold for Five Years Old!

Can you believe that October is Pirate101’s Fifth Birthday? Our Halloween / Birthday decorations will be up around Skull Island for the entire month, so please enjoy the fun presents that you find. Also be looking mid-month for more special birthday and Halloween items to come to a Crown Shop near you!

We hope you’re enjoying our brand new update to the game! If you haven’t checked out the Update Notes, please do so now! There are a lot of great “frequently requested” additions in this update, and we were happy to oblige. See you in Ship PvP, Pirates!


Rogue’s Gallery: Billy the Kid

During your questing in Cool Ranch, you’ll be breaking Billy the Kid out of Jail and helping to reunite “the seven.” If you’re a Buccaneer, Billy even joins your crew eventually! Read on to hear about the tragic past and the promise of a bright future for Billy the Kid in Pirate101.

Subject: Billy the Kid

Home: Cool Ranch

Weapon of choice: Twin six-shooters

Occupation: Lawman

William Billberry, later known as Billy the Kid, was the son of settlers, born in a remote corner of Cool Ranch, at the frontier of the frontier. Life was hard for young Billy’s family, and things got much worse when a mining company laid claim to the land his parents tilled. Shutting off all supplies to the settlers, Billy was forced to steal food and other essentials to help feed his family.

The young goat was caught and put in jail, but soon escaped, fleeing to Tumbleweed Skyway as a wanted outlaw. Billy turned to a life of stagecoach robbing to survive, and his flamboyant antics won him great fame as the baby-faced outlaw.

Wyatt Chirp tracked Billy down quickly, but when the legendary lawman heard the tale of what had driven Billy to a life of crime, he turned his attentions to the corrupt mining company and brought its leadership to justice. Wyatt freed Billy from prison and took him into his own custody, pledging to the judge that Billy would work off the debt he owed from his robberies by serving as Chirp’s deputy.

So it was that Bill joined the Magnificent Seven. Billy never forgot the favors Wyatt had done for him and his parents, and followed Chirp with a zeal that bordered on worship. Sadly, Wyatt’s death crushed Billy. He fled Tumbleweed, renounced the Seven, and headed off to Santo Pollo. The goat ended up in a Frogerale jail, where he stayed until a young pirate rescued him and drew him back to the Seven...



Puppet Pirates

Boochbeard: “Have some candy! It's 'purr'fect, har!”
Mr. Gandry: “Capi'ton, zhis is truly a 'sweet' moment, no?”
Boochbeard: “Ya gotta be 'kitten' me, monkey! Nothin's sweeter than this!”
~ Alex Kidd

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Screenshot of the Month!

We love seeing your screenshots, and lately we’ve been getting a lot of great ones! It’s getting difficult to choose a favorite, and that’s a good thing. Thank you for sending them to us. We’ll upload all the screenshots we received this month to Facebook very soon.

Loyal Evelyn Everhart sent us a hilarious screenshot this month. You never know what you might encounter in the Avery Realm . . . even an army of Dark Harmonies bent on taking over the world!

Thanks for the great screenshot, Evelyn! As a reminder, please only send us your best three screenshots every month to community@pirate101.com if you’d like to participate. For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight!

We have such incredibly talented pirates in Pirate101, and we’re so happy when you share your fan art with us. Thank you for using your creativity and sharing it with us. Remember, if you see a friend share a cool piece of fan artwork over Twitter, Tumblr, or your favorite social media site, please encourage them to also send it to community@pirate101.com! Thanks!

This month we received a really amazing piece of art from Ian LifeSong, a long time Wizard101 player that’s just recently been checking out Pirate101 and fell in love with the game. Here’s a picture of Ian’s pirate in Witchdoctor clothes of their own design.

From Ian, “I had a lot of fun making it. I tried to make it look as similar to Pirate101's art style as possible so I had to venture out of my comfort zone and use less lines. I really feel like I learned a lot of things from drawing this one. I am really looking forward to doing a new Pirate101 fan art :D.”

Thanks for the absolutely beautiful fan art, Ian! Keep sending them in!


Everyone's Talking About the New Update

Thank you so much to our very active group of Pirate101 players who talk with us on our Message Boards. You entertained us this past month with several great messages and thoughts. Here are just a few of the great posts we saw last month:

  • CrimsonReaper5 noticed we put in new items into the Crown Shop. What do you think about our latest offerings?
  • Inquiring minds want to know, who’s your best friend in game?
  • How badly would you like a Quest Finder Feature in Pirate101? Let us know!
  • We’re glad those who were able to claim the Talk Like a Pirate Day prize enjoyed it!
  • Falmea was talking about Badges in Pirate101 last month! Check out the great responses it received.
  • Have a favorite book? Join in the discussion here with other Pirate101 Players.
  • What do you think about having Professor Falmea in Pirate101?
  • Who wants more of a challenge in the Avernus Skyway? Do you?
Also, the unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Pirate101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

Pirates around the Spiral tested the many new updates! Edward Lifegem recapped the NXP event hosted by Petnome Pirates!

GrimToothReaper wrote a guest blog post on Swordroll’s blog with details on her artistic tips.

A very friendly pirate by the name of Avery Court Grace got the Team Leader badge after teaming up over 500 times!

Vanessa shared her many goals across all the different KingsIsle games.