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November 2019


Screenshot by: Canny Luke Hobbes and Friends

Ahoy! We celebrated Pirate101’s 7th birthday last month with a game update that included new skeleton key bosses! We also had a ton of fun playing the game with everyone throughout the birthday celebrations. Did you capture a great screenshot during your adventures? Send it to us and we’ll feature it in next month’s newsletter!

From October, check out both the Update Notes and the latest Producer’s Letter for details on what’s been added to the game. We want to keep hearing from you on what you think of these updates!

Speaking of October, let’s take a look back at recent skyway activities:

  • OCT 03: Halloween Decorating Contest
  • OCT 07: New Carrier Bat Mount
  • OCT 14: New Pirate Nightmare Pack
  • OCT 15: Happy 7th birthday Pirate101
  • OCT 17: KingsIsle Extra Life initiative
  • OCT 25: Puppet Pirates #84 results
  • OCT 31: Halloween! Special spooky KI Live
Keep updated daily on the latest news to hit the skyways for next month on Twitter and Facebook! Read on for more fun with our community and their Spiral activities.


Deep in the Heart of Texas, in Historic San Antonio, DuelCircle is proud to announce their return to PAX South this upcoming January, and KingsIsle will be there with them!

DuelCircle’s 5th Anniversary Fiesta Party will be held on Thursday, January 16th from 6-10pm at Dave & Busters located within Rivercenter Mall, just steps away from the historic Alamo and the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. This event is free of charge for the entire community! Free General Public ticketing will be released via Eventbrite on Monday, November 25th at 12pm CST.

“We’re proud to announce that during the first half of the party, we’ll have KingsIsle join us for the first-ever Live Audience Community Hosted KI Live in San Antonio. That’s right, you’ll be able to watch all of the action as we chat with the KingsIsle team at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central! " - DuelCircle

As the countdown to PAX South continues, be sure to visit the DuelCircle PAX South Website for updates.


Apple has released its macOS Catalina update. If you upgrade right away to Catalina, you will not be able to play Wizard101 or Pirate101!

The good news is that we’re working on making both games Catalina compatible. To ensure game access is not interrupted, please wait to install Catalina until we announce support for the new OS.

Thanks for your patience as we work on this functionality. We will notify you as soon as support for Catalina is available!


Congrats, Extra Life Wizards! Together with the Wizard101 community we raised over $8,000 and counting. While the award window has closed, we are keeping our Extra Life page open through the rest of the year to get to our $10,000 goal. Come on community, we can do it for the kids!


KI Live in October was frightfully fun! Upon arriving in the office, our team saw ghouls, skeletons, and all sorts of other strange creatures roaming the halls. We were so frightened at the spectacle we almost didn’t conduct a KI Live... that is, until those ghouls and skeletons decided to help us out by appearing on the show! You can watch the recording below:

Congrats to Kayly and Tom for winning the Community Select costumes!

For more videos and recorded livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel!

A great Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member TheyMayBeBears:

“When selling things at the bazaar, if an item is already well stocked, go sell it at another vendor so you get more for your money. A level 65 ring that would sell for about 450 gold at the Bazaar can be sold for more than 1,000 from another vendor!” - TheyMayBeBears


Screenshot by: Alexandra Dragon

BOO! Congrats to the winners of the 2019 Halloween Decorating Contest! There were so many great entries this year. At first we thought the restriction to Dorms and Bunkhouses might be too much, but it proved to be quite fun for the many participants. All of the entries were all super scary to review too!

Drum Roll please! And the winners are...

1 Grand Ghoul: 30,000 Crowns + A HooDoo Bundle goes to...

Quiet Keena Davis

2 Runner-Up Spiders: 20,000 Crowns + Haunted Galleon each goes to...

Silver Dino Hawkins - “For this year’s contest, I went into my abandoned bunkhouse to decorate- but alas, it was not abandoned at all! It seems when I went to sail for many years in the skyways, some spiders decided to take residency in my bunkhouse!

How spooky! They have eaten a lot, look at all these bones! And oh, how terrifying, they even made a spooky spider smiley face in the background!

But these bones are too big for such small spiders to hunt, how is this possible? Wait... I see something in the shadows of my roof, oh dear... its huge!”

Cheerful Nancy

5 Honorable Zombies: 10,000 Crowns each goes to...

Ash - “Celebrating spooktober with some of the most amazing pets I have seen in game. Happy Halloween Everyone!”

Dreaming Quinn Kidd - “Scratch is me and the Crab is my friend. In the picture we are brewing something to show the other that we are the best witch.”

Kyle - “There is a tale of a witchdocter so powerful he can turn statues to life with a single note of his organ."

Loyal Lucas Quietly - “I wanted to decorate something Mooshu themed as well as spooky themed. I was inspired by areas such as the Inoshishi hideouts and the Hamakala Temple.”

Crystal Dawn Reedy

Visit the Wizard101 Newsletter to see which Wizards won in their side of the contest!


The traditional and ever popular Zone of the Month continues! This month we’re featuring Sivella in Aragon Skyway, Valencia.

Sam Johnson, KingsIsle’s Lead Creative Designer, has been quite pleased with the community’s reactions to his last few Zone of the Months and would like to know what you think of the latest one. Post a comment on social media, in the official forums, or contact us directly and let him know where you would like the story to be taken next!

Name: Sivella

Location: Aragon Skyway, Valencia


Marco Pollo, perhaps the greatest explorer in the history of the Spiral, was the first to navigate many of the stormgates that lead from Valencia to the wider Spiral. The new trade routes brought not only wealth and prosperity to Valencia, they also brought knowledge. King Gonzago the Generous, known for his eccentricities, ordered the creation of an artificial island, a great fortress of intellectual instead of military might. The finished product, Sivella, has stood for centuries as an unparalleled center of learning and discourse.

Agents of the Imperial Academy roam the worlds of the Spiral, seeking out scholars and inviting them to study or teach in Valencia. They also readily spend outrageous sums of money on scholarly books which they ship home to Valencia. Sadly, since the rise of the Armada these efforts seem less like curation and more like conquest...

Don’t Miss This Side Quest!!

The Curious Birds begins as a side quest, but the mechanical birds it introduces become very important later and are crucial to the narrative of the entire game!

The Halls of Learning is a very atmospheric quest that imparts lore about several worlds of the Spiral, filtered through the lens of Valencian nationalism. A Pirate can learn quite a bit about recent Spiral history, far away lands, Valencia, and the Armada.

Behind the Dev Process:

Sivella was not originally part of the Skull Island narrative but was added to introduce players to the Armada, the ultimate enemies of the game. At this stage in the narrative a straight-up fight against the Armada would not be believable, so we decided to have the Pirate sneak into Valencia: part heist and part spy mission. The original concept was something like the heroes' trip to the Death Star in A New Hope – get in, get what you need, and get out. Sivella provided a great opportunity to show how tyrannical the Armada is – they've closed one of the finest universities in the Spiral and are clamping down on the Valencians they were built to serve.

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for next month? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!


Congrats to Llewella! The community chose her quote for Puppet Pirates #84!

Gandry: “Doctor, I’ve been hit. I think I’ll die tomorrow!”
Boochbeard: “Relax Gandry, it’s just a splinter.”
~ Llewella

Join in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for the next Puppet Pirate reveal!


The following screenshot is from Sly Justin Vane. Thanks for your sending it to us Sly! He captured this image of his Witchdoctor’s epic hoodoo lair:


For this month’s fan art spotlight, we are showcasing a neat drawing from Zuup Mummy of her companion, Hoodoo Cornelius:

Capture a screenshot of that magnificent sunset, secret discovery, or that monster about to eat your ship and send it to community@pirate101.com. We like showing off fan art, guides, and other content in our newsletters!

Thanks, Pirates!


With the new Pirate Nightmare Booster Pack in the Crown Shop, Pirates were excited to see the new spooky items that it had to offer:

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