Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


November 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to November, Pirates! We had a lot of fun in October with our Birthday and Halloween all in one month! Can you believe it’s already been one year of Pirate101?

With our first year behind us, we’re definitely looking to the future here at KingsIsle. Our second year is sure to be every bit of exciting as our first – if not more! New areas and fun are sure to be had.

Read on and enjoy the newsletter . . . but make sure you read to the very end.


Rogue’s Gallery: Ol' Fish Eye

Every Musketeer knows him well . . . or do they? Ol’ Fish Eye has quite a past that ye may not have known about, Pirates! Here’s our Rogue’s Gallery spotlight on the Pelican perched in the Musketeer’s Roost.

"Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue’s Gallery. Subject, Ol’FishEye.

As a youth, this keen-eyed Pelican ran away from his home in Jonah Town to see the Spiral. He learned to shoot as an auxiliary in the Marleybonian army, and served with some distinction, until the height of the Polarian Wars.

Young Fish Eye (as he was called in those days) was Third Gunner's Mate on the HMS Ineffable out of Kent. His ship was chasing a raiding vessel out of Skull Island, and the Pelican refused to fire on the pirates. Charged with insubordination and clapped in irons, The Pelican escaped the brig, jumped ship, and ran back to Skull Island.

Finding himself ill-suited for a fisherman’s life in Jonahtown, Fish Eye took up as a gunner with a variety of famous pirates including Catbeard and Erica the Red before becoming Captain Avery’s Master Gunner. When Avery established his headquarters in Avery's Court, Ol’Fish Eye took up residence in the West Bastion. Now it’s called the Musketeers’ Roost and Ol’ Fish Eye has been teaching the new recruits which end of a sparkshooter is which ever since.

These pirates and more await you when you play for free at Pirate101.com."


Ol Fish Eye Musketeer Trainer


Vadima’s Visions: The Nature and Nurture of Pirates

I see you have come to Vadima wondering the fates and origins of the other pirates around you. For us it is a question of both nature and nurture as all pirates have to answer three very specific questions: Where were you raised, how did you lose your parents, and for which piracy crime were you arrested.

Let me peer deeply into my crystal ball and reveal your fates!

Aha! I see! Most Pirates lost their parents to the Armada! It is indeed a troubling and intriguing destiny. I also see that the least incurred fate is having Pirating parents who were sunk by a raging storm or the monster Squid. The rest of the orphans are split pretty evenly between a rallying cry of mutiny and the perils of searching for long lost treasures.

Very interesting, a shape showing the relative sizes appears in my crystal ball!


Now, I peer deeply once again into my Crystal ball. Gasp! Once orphaned, those who found their way to Marleybone also most often found a calling as a sharp-shooting, gun-powder loving Musketeer. Not surprising, the ancient pyramids of Krokotopia also raised a vast progeny of the spooky sort that practice the old school voodoo magic of Witchdoctors. Interesting, MooShu and Grizzleheim produce a variety of tough warrior-like Buccaneers, Privateers, and Swashbucklers. Finally, Skull Island seems to be home to the smallest lot of castaways, but the sneaky lot find themselves drawn equally to all five pirating specialties.

Ahhh! See! Another set of orbs appear!


One more thing, One-Eyed Jack has penned a guide to help you with your choices in the future, please take a look.

. . . and now the visions fade. Thank you for visiting Madame Vadima . . . until next time, my pirate friends!


Puppet Pirates


Gandry: “Yer supposed to wait until AFTER we sing ‘Happy Birthday’!” - Red Christina Fisher

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Fan Sites!

Octobarrr was an amazing month where our first birthday and Halloween collided and provided us with a ton of fun contests and surprises. Here are a few notable moments from October that shouldn’t be missed!

  • First and foremost, we certainly appreciated all of our Birthday wishes! You made us feel extra special: Pirate101 Central thread, Pirate101.com thread, Pirate101 Facebook Post
  • We especially enjoyed this wonderful cake sent to us by the staff of Pirate101 Central!
  • We added two new official fan sites this month: Skull Island TV and Art in the Spiral. Be sure to stop by those sites to have some fun and say hello. (Don’t miss Alura’s latest Catbeard Doodle videos for sure!)
  • Duelist101 put together a very good guide on game mechanics involving damage and resistance that’s sure to help you with the ins and outs of Pirate101 strategy.
  • Former Pieces of Eight radio re-launched last month as Spiral Radio with a new format to cover both Pirate101 and Wizard101.
  • Jegpeg broke down the basics of how to win in Ship to Ship combat.
  • Massively honored our sound team and composers with this fun look at Halloween tunes on Jukebox Heroes.
  • There were simply too many good contests and contest entries to share them one by one from Pirates of the Spiral’s Create a Halloween Companion contest to Paige Moonshade’s Haunted Comic winners and back again, be sure to thumb through all our official fan sites to see the great talent in our community.



Books for the Cultured Pirate

Ahoy pirates! It is I, Librarian Adelmo, and I’ve noticed that a lot of pirates love to wear the most amazing clothes when they visit me. It’s good to see Eloise Merryweather has been very busy working her craft. The question though is, exactly how do you pirates do your laundry? Well this book shares a little piratical mishap that happened from just that!

The pirate crew of the ship “The Nautical Laundry” have just been fined 10,000 groats for letting underwear show on their clothesline. If they can’t come up with the money, they’ll all go to jail! This fine tale titled, “Worse Things Happen at Sea: A Tale of Pirates, Poison and Monsters” is the story of what happens when the crew of The Nautical Laundry sets sail to earn the money to pay their fine. Unfortunately, there are villains after their ship and horrible cheese rustlers at large. It’s a good thing ten-year-old Arthur and his troll sidekick Fish have stowed away on the ship to help. If you liked A Series of Unfortunate Events or How to Train Your Dragon, you’ll be a fan of this book written and illustrated by Alan Snow!


Completely Barmy!

Bonnie Anne: “The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”


Surprise! Stay tuned to our regular social media channels for more mysterious screenshots like this and new, tantalizing sneak peeks and information over the next few weeks! Are you excited for November now? Let us know on Facebook!