Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


May 2022

Ahoy, Pirates! Another month has passed, and we’re excited to showcase all the amazing work the community has done. Behind the scenes there are great things happening as well, but for now let’s take a look at some highlights from April.


Spring is in the air, and so is fantastic news about the Pirate101 team. It’s growing! Two new producers and a new community manager have joined the swashbuckling group dedicated to Pirate101. This KI live was their first appearance, so leave a comment on the video letting us know what you think.

Looking for a new pair of kicks? Try code: KILIVESUPERBOOTS to get the Superfan headphones and boots! Being a superfan never looked so good. Also remember to use code: UNFORGIVENSNACKS to get the new KI Live Snack Pack! Your pets will thank you later.

Missed the show? No worries! You can watch the recording of KI Live now on YouTube:

It's always a blast hanging out with the community, so let us know what you most like about KI Lives so we can continue to make them even more fun to watch.

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A great gameplay tip submitted to KI Live comes from Senor Spicy: “A lot of amazing gear builds are based around obtaining Rank 5 of a certain epic. You can obtain some good rank 5 epics for your class through trainers, gear, and pet grants!” - Senor Spicy


Congrats to Loyal Wolf Walker's for his caption being selected for Puppet Pirates #113!

Boochbeard:"The voyage for treasure be lost, enemies are upon us, time to do a barrel roll back to the ship."

Mr. Gandry:"Hiding in this barrel was supposed to be a good disguise. Escaping in it on the other hand is un-barrel-able." ~ Loyal Wolf Walker

Join in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for the next Puppet Pirates reveal and your chance to caption the image!


Join Senor Spicy for a Roundtable with Ratbeard, Sam Johnson, and Hawkules on May 12th 4pm CST. They’ll be telling stories of the inspirations behind some Pirate101 characters, how to make Pirate101 more new-user friendly, end-game content ideas, and the future of the game!


It’s Spring cleaning time! That can mean only one thing... a decorating contest, of course! Today kicks off the Spring Decorating Contest. It’s time to sweep the dust under the rugs and repaint the walls whatever color suits your fancy.

Compete in one of six total categories for a share of the 800,000 crown prize pool! Love Pirate101 and Wizard101? Compete in both games for an extra shot at winning. Contest details and how to enter here!


“Hey! My name is Senor Spicy but you can just call me Spicy. I’ve been playing Pirate101 for almost a decade and have been making content for Pirate101 on Twitch and YouTube for 2.5 years. I love to farm dungeons/bosses with viewers, and make guides to help new and experienced players!”

Check out one of Spicy’s best videos below - The WEIRDEST Item in Pirate101!


For this month’s art spotlight, we are showcasing an outstanding couple of figurines designed in Hero Forge by reddit user u/Mythical_Buscuit (great name, by the way).

Do you have a drawing or other art piece to share? Let us know and it may make an appearance in a future newsletter!


Keep updated on what’s happening in the community right here in our community news section! For every newsletter, we receive direct from the community links to new gameplay guides, exciting upcoming contests, and much more. Thanks to the following fansites and other community leaders for their contributions this month!

Legends of the Spiral, a fanTASTIC community of Wizard/Pirate101 fans, is looking for more writers for their articles. If you haven’t had a chance to read them, check them out here. Be sure to also take a look at some of the cool tools they have on the website, too!


Love hide & seek? Join HAWKULES and CalamityTheWiz on May 18th 5pm CST for a chance to win up to 15,000 crowns playing Hide and Seek! There will be three hidden players, and using clues that Calamity gives during their livestream you will receive 5,000 crowns for every player that you’re the first to find. Come hang out with other Pirate101 fans while racing against the clock in this fun fueled game.


Weekend Pet Morph Giveaways by TheFearsomeRubberDucky

"A Pet Morph GiveAway is a stream where we morph out pets for every class. Streams from 3 - 4 pm CT Fridays!"

PvP with Viewers

"PvP with Viewers is a light foot in the door to competitive play. Want to PvP with little to no trouble, we'll give you the experience of teaming with some of the games top PvP players. Streams Saturdays from 3 - 4 pm CT on Twitch."

Battlefy Tournaments

Many tournaments are also hosted on Battlefy. Search for Pirate101 to see when the next one is open for participation!

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