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May 2019

A Community of Pirates

Spring is in full swing and we’re already gearing up for a lot of fun summer activities! Before it gets too hot to sail the skyways without that extra-large Pirate hat and shark sunscreen, get those PvP matches in and send us a screenshot of your victories! We’ll show them off, including some of your gameplay tips, in next week’s Community Livestream where Bat Masterson picks up his questing efforts with you all.


A quick lookback on last month and all the April Foolery:

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KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

This past month’s KI Live was focused on Wizard101’s new Spring Update (just look at those cute little pandas added to the game). While we didn’t have time for Pirate101 gameplay (Bat Masterson’s fault for talking too much!), Bat Masterson will be firing up the Community Livestream next week to play.

An excellent Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Carlos Jadepetal:

“A tip on summons in battle. If you have companions that buff and companions that can give a summons, arrange your companions so the summons comes out first so it can get the buff with the rest of your crew.” - Cunning Cole Collins

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Zone of the Month: Port Regal

Our Lead Creative Designer, Sam Johnson, has worked on Pirate101 for a long time now and has much to say about the history of the world that you may not have heard about yet. He is currently writing a series of these spotlights for the next several months that will dive deeper into the lore and history behind the game’s characters and locations.

Thanks so much for helping Sam to decide upon this month’s Zone of the Month! Sam has been eager to provide more of this content since you’ve expressed interest in it. Several of you suggested Port Regal, so check out the zone below!

Name: Port Regal

Location: Port Regal skyway, in the world of Skull Island.


Marleybonean explorers first reached Skull Island through the storm gate in Port Regal skyway, and the large island in the skyway turned into the staging ground for Marleybone’s colonization of Skull Island. What began as a small port quickly grew into a bustling city, a massive port where the spices, fruits, exotic timber, and other valuable commodities of Skull Island are assembled and shipped back to Marleybone (via MooShu).

Port Regal is the seat of the Marleybonean Colonial Governor, General Stanley. This was not always the case: the Marleybonean governor used to be based in Skull Island, but the Governor’s household moved when Marleybone turned the island over to Captain Avery. Recent tensions with Monquista and Valencia have led to the Marleyboneans reinforcing Port Regal’s garrison and deploying ever larger fleets here. So far, Skull Island’s remoteness and lack of strategic value have kept any large-scale conflict from erupting, but it may only be a matter of time before something drives the three great colonial powers of the Spiral to war...


The abandoned church that stands near the center of town, St. Fido’s, is haunted by a vengeful pirate’s ghost.

Who’s That Boss?

Commander Davis, a formidable Marleybonean soldier, commands the garrison of Fort Basset. You’ll have to get past him to make it to Marleybone.

Behind the Dev Process:

Port Regal is named for Port Royal, the unofficial Capital of Jamaica and a one-time center of English influence in the Caribbean. The prominent characters of Gilbert and Sullivan are obviously named for the composing duo from Victorian England, and their dialogue is peppered with snatches of G&S light opera, the words only slightly modified to fit the context. Blind Mew, incidentally, does all of the singing for the VO.

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for March? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!

Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on the best Puppet Pirates quote. Congrats to Jack Nightingale on your pirate ship mount quote being chosen for Puppet Pirate #78 this month!

Gandry: "I feel like this is causing a raft in our relationship."
Boochebeard: “Your just made I skiffed a little off your supplies!”
~ Jack Nightingale

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Fan Screenshot of the Month

This month’s screenshot spotlight goes to Kevin Raven Haven, seen here just emerging from the great void...

"The Predition's Cauldron is a very unique area. The coloring of this area is fantastic and the ghosts around The Flying Dutchman is also a nice perk. The area while being a bit scary is also very relaxing.” ~ Kevin Raven Haven

Fan Art Spotlight

We have some truly amazing talent in the community, wow! Here is a drawing of SilverMidnightRavenBlack's character:

We would love to see more fan art for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something to share? Send it to us in an email to community@pirate101.com. We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.

Thanks, Pirates!

Community News

The community Fansite Festival was a huge success with several of the developers here at KingsIsle also attending. A community led in-game event, here are some screenshots we received from players:

Arcanum Archives also posted a new guide to pet snacks in Pirate101.

The Dragonspyre blog posted a new blog about streaming Pirate101.

Flash33 played a pirate soundtrack on the piano that he called, “Yo Ho!”

Ravenwood Academy listened closely to the music in Valencia.

Final Bastion offered an in-depth guide on ranked PvP for Buccaneers.

YerAPirate talked about the backstory of both Ambrose and Avery asked, “Who’s your favorite?”. They also made a helpful guide for new pirates joining the Spiral.

Final Bastion made a full guide for the Pirate Regatta Dungeon, and they shared a companion spotlight for Nurse Quinn.

If you have an upcoming event, or even a blog post or other pieces of news you wish to share with the community, please send it to community@pirate101.com (include a link on social media if you have one) and we may share it on social and here in future newsletters.

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