Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


"In Like a Lion"

February was a fun month for Pirate101 as we held our first ever “Me Hearties” promotion, made some exciting changes to the game, and had some awesome fan participation that made it a great month! March is sure to also be exciting with new promotions, surprises, and contests from fan sites. It’ll be in like a Lion and out like a Lion this March for Pirate101!


Great Improvements for Your Pirate

The changes from the Test Realm came to the Live Realm on the last day of February. Be sure to read the Update Notes to catch all of the many changes we’ve made.

Two “cannot miss” items from this update are definitely the Improvements made to Powers Management and the new Benching tokens:

  • When players open their Powers menu, they’ll see all their powers arranged just like their companions are. Players can now arrange their powers through dragging and dropping them in the interface -- Powers at the top of your list are more likely to appear when you begin combat!
  • Now you can drag and drop a sleep token on a Companion in the Companion Management interface, and that Companion will never be chosen for combat. You will be granted your first "Benching" marker at 15th level with more Bench Markers added as you gain levels.
Commander Kane

Frogfather Friday

The Frogfather, aka Jay Gordon, has been asking for player feedback in our forums, please visit this thread and offer your feedback. Can’t use the official forums? Don’t worry, the Frogfather also has an official Facebook page that you can give feedback to his questions as well.

Frogfather Friday on the Message Boards »
The Frogfather's Facebok Page »

Rogue's Gallery: Frogfather

Here’s the second video in our new Rogue’s Gallery video series with a closer look at The Frogfather!

Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery! Subject: The Frogfather. The Frogfather is a shrewed businessman dealing in the exchange of favors from deep within the belly of the Jonah Town Whale. His office is full of finery--most of it from far off Aquila and Valencia--and here's a tip! Frogfather is old fashioned; whenever ye' deal with him, show a little respect and be very careful you know what you're getting into if he offers you a deal. These pirates and more await you when you play for free at Pirate101.com.


Hints from One-Eyed Jack

The power of Slow!

A Witchdoctor’s Level 13 Widow’s Touch debuff spell is a very handy skill to keep important in your pool of powers. Cast correctly it can help sway a battle in your favor when the odds seem against you.

Using the Widow’s Touch power basically freezes an enemy in its tracks for a few rounds as it slowly wears off, allowing the enemy to move more freely with passing rounds. The power’s visual animation shows a pale hand casting an icy casing over an enemy. This metaphor holds true since the way a Widow’s Touch debuff wears off is very much like ice melting; however, be careful not to get too close to a slowed enemy as a “slowed” enemy is still able to attack!

A good hint is to use the Widow’s Touch Power on a melee-based enemy at the first of combat when you’re outnumbered—this separates that enemy away from the group and allows you a little extra time.


Puppet Pirates

Boochbeard: "Shhh monkey."
Blind Mew: "Put some of that treasure in my cup pirate, and I didn't hear a thing."
- Stubborn Taryn Webb

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Fan Site Information Galore!

All of our wonderful fan sites provide quality information every day. Here’s a few highlights from last month . . . just in case you missed them:

  • Pirate101 Central achieved 10,000 members! Congratulations to our friends at Pirate101 Central
  • Duelist101 added a new Practice Point Calculator to their site that brings the power of decision making to players outside of the game so you can make wiser decisions. Check it out!
  • Paige Moonshade is offering a contest to guess some extremely hard, zoomed-in pictures for crowns prizes and companion points! Do you have what it takes to guess all 15? Click here! (Contest ends March 3rd)
  • Mercenaries for Charter released an outstanding guide for Buccaneers that Developer Ratbeard called “an excellent combat strategy” guide. It’s definitely worth reading here.
  • Pirates of the Spiral conducted a very insightful interview with Sam Johnson, aka Blind Mew, who is Pirate101’s Creative Design Lead. Don’t miss this article!
Captain Avery

Books for the Cultured Pirate

Good day my fine Pirate friends—it is I, Librarian Adelmo, with another book recommendation that’s sure to delight you and enlighten your minds.

This month’s book is titled “Victricia Malicia, Book-Loving Buccaneer” by Carrie Clickard and illustrated by Mark Meyers. Victricia Malicia had a pirate flag for a blanket and learned her first words from a talking parrot. But unlike everyone else in her family, she doesn't like looting and plundering. In fact, she'd rather live on land! She spends all her time reading books like Heidi and Little House on the Prairie. Is she ever going to find happiness and a squid-free life? Will she drive the whole pirate crew crazy? Read this funny rhyming picture book to find out!