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July 2019

Sizzling Summer Skyway Sailing

It’s a hot one out there! Did you know that the hotter air becomes, the lighter it becomes? That means more accurate firing upon other ships! At least that's the theory some Pirates have been talking about...

This past June we got the summer party started by bringing back the Tiki Waverider Mount and Summer Daisy Eyepatch. There was also an intense pillow fight... the top challengers almost tied for the count of pillows found and gathered! We’re celebrating July with some patriotic flair and bringing back the Soaring Eagle Mount.

How about a quick look back on all the June Fun?

  • JUN 6: Puerto Mico was announced as the Zone of the Month!
  • JUN 14: We attended the Great Austin ComicCon event here in Austin!
  • JUN 18: The Tiki Waverider Mount and Summer Daisy Eyepatch are back!
  • JUN 27: KI Live! Missed the show? Watch it below on YouTube.
  • JUN 27: Pillow Fight winners announced!
  • Don’t forget the new Community News Forum section!
  • You voted for Puppet Pirates #80!

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Read on for more fun with our community and their Spiral activities.

Summer Contest: Pillow Fight Winners!

Congrats to the following winners of this month’s Pillow Fight event! Even more pillows were thrown and gathered throughout the Skyways this month than in than our March pillow fight. It was a major cleanup effort!

Pillow Fight #1 goes to... Virtuous Victor and Ramon Norrington!

Pillow Fight #2 goes to... Silver Blake and Rude Felix Scupper!

Each winner receives: 25,000 Crowns (wow!) and a game pack of their choice.

While we would love to do another pillow fight for the next event, we’re going to change things up and try something fresh and new. Stay tuned for all the fun details, but don’t hold back if you have your own contest ideas! We’re always looking for new ideas that the community would enjoy!

We Attended Greater Austin Comic Con

We attended the Greater Austin Comic Con event, a fun event for local comic fans. While we didn’t have a booth, several members of the KingsIsle team roamed the show floor and found lots of amazing trinkets and more. Here are just a few of our discoveries:


The event was so much fun, and we plan to return in 2020. Are you going to be in the Austin area and attending one of the many cool conventions put on each year? Let us know and we’ll swing on by to say hello and to check out the show! We’re also planning on attending PAX South, so stay tuned for more news on that.

KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

We had a fun pillow fight event in June and announced the winners on KI Live! You can watch KI Live on KingsIsle’s YouTube channel below:

An excellent Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Lookit Light:

“If you struggle with a low Nautical Level, never fear! You can raise your Nautical Level by sinking ships, assigning Companions to Sailin', and doing quests that give Nautical XP.” - Lookit Light

For more videos and recorded livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel!

The First Nautical XP Party of 2019 - July 6

The community fansite Final Bastion has stepped up to lead us into battle with the first Nautical XP Party of 2019! Get yer ships ready, as this is going to be one big fight! What’s a Nautical Exp Party? Well, my friends, it is an amazing gathering of Pirate101 players to take on the biggest and baddest vessels in the skyways no matter your level! If you’re looking for a fast way to level up, then you’re definitely going to want to attend these events and watch your nautical experience bar overflow!

It’s not a strange occurrence to hear one of our great fan sites advertising a nautical exp party, and you’re going to want to listen up! Being in the right place at the right time is your first key to success.

A simple rule to sinking ships in a group is that if you’re in a ship that doesn’t have a lot of health to back it up, it’s best to let someone else take the lead. If you’re in a ship with a lot of health but not a lot of fire power, it’s best to take the hits for the group!

As soon as you see a ship firing on another player, use your bracket keys to target it and click your powers to activate them. At these parties, you might want to use powers that do damage or debuff quickly to be sure you’ll get the nautical experience you’re after.

Keep watch on @Pirate101 for details of when the next Nautical XP Party begins. The action can be fast and furious so try to keep up and enjoy the strength in numbers!

Pirate's Regatta Farming Event - July 12 & 13 at 5pm CT

So many Pirate events this month! Community member Two-faced Aurora is also planning on hosting a nautical event. This one will be focusing on the Pirate’s Regatta dungeon in Raven Eyes realm. Gather in Raven Eyes realm at 5pm Central time on July 12 and July 13 for some farming fun! More about the event in the Community News section of the official forums.

Zone of the Month: Volcano!

Our Lead Creative Designer, Sam Johnson, has worked on Pirate101 for a long time now and has much to say about the history of the world that you may not have heard about yet. He continues his series of spotlights that dive deeper into the lore and history behind the game’s characters and locations.

Sam has been eager to provide more of this content since you’ve expressed interest in it. Several of you suggested Volcano! Check out the zone’s secrets below...

Name: Volcano!

Location: Flotsam skyway, in the world of Skull Island.


Visible from all over Skull Island, the flaming peak of Waponi Wu is the largest active volcano in Skull Island. It is home to a tribe of Water Moles who have taken the name of the peak for their tribe. The fearsome tribe are infamous throughout Skull Island for worshipping the volcano itself as a god, defying the traditions of other Water Moles who worship the spirits of their ancestors. The Waponis live in a humble village at the base of the volcanic crag, and a winding ritual path leads from the sandy beach up to a great platform extending over the fiery caldera itself.

Who’s That Boss?

Volcano! Is the place the pirate finally catches Ratbeard and crosses swords with him. But an even bigger and more formidable boss is lurking here: Chumba Wumba chief of the Waponis! He's a hard water mole to keep down.

Behind the Dev Process:

The exclamation point has been part of this zone's name from its first inception onward – in all quest documents it is named Volcano! Instead of Volcano. The tribal name of the Waponi Wu is taken from the film Joe vs the Volcano – as in the film, the name Waponi applies to the location and the tribe that lives there. Chumba Wumba's name is taken from the English band, and his habit of getting knocked down but getting up again is, of course, a reference to their hit song "Tubthumping."

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for March? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!

Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on the best Puppet Pirates quote. The results are in and we’ve got a tie! Congrats to both Taylor Taylor and Dark Aurora on your quote being chosen for Puppet Pirate #80 this month!

Boochebeard: “You don’t suppose this is what Wizards take to get around the Spiral, do you monkey?”
Gandry: "No, you may go first. I’ll ‘help’ you through..."
~ Dark Aurora

Join in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for the next Puppet Pirate reveal!

Fan Screenshot of the Month

This month’s screenshot spotlight goes to Black Edward Teach, a Marleybone veteran ready to escort you safely to any destination on the skyways:

"I’ve seen a lot of things, but this place really tests a Pirate.” ~ Black Edward Teach

Fan Art Spotlight

We have some truly amazing artistic talent in the community! Here is a drawing of Bloody Scarlet’s character - ‘Dead-eye Omar Devereaux’:

Capture a screenshot of that magnificent sunset, secret discovery, or that monster about to eat your ship and send it to community@pirate101.com. We like showing off fan art, guides, and other content in our newsletters!

Thanks, Pirates!

Community News

From Ravenwood Academy and Swordroll Summer Contests - Win Crowns and More!

New Pirate101 Summer PvP Rewards! - See what's new in Pirate101 for the summer PvP season.

Logan gave an in-depth review of Fan Flanders in Pirate101

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