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August 2019

Christmas in July

July was even hotter here in Austin than last month! Fortunately for you Pirates we managed to cool things off a bit with Christmas in July and bringing back Mr. Krampus. If you haven’t checked him out yet from his inaugural reveal last year, it’s a real fun event!

Here’s a quick look back on all the July fun:

  • JUL 5: Another Community Livestream with Bat Masterson (we defeated Ratbeard... again!)
  • JUL 9: Summer Pack-a-Palooza
  • JUN 22: Christmas in July! Did you defeat our dear friend Mr. Krampus?
  • JUN 23: Poll – Would a Pirate rather have in their house a Craft of Scrips or a Skull Safe?
  • JUN 25: KI Live! Missed the show? Watch it below on YouTube.
  • JUL 29: Shark Week!
  • Puppet Pirates #81 chosen! See the entry below.

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Read on for more fun with our community and their Spiral activities.

KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

This month’s KI Live focused on Wizard101’s new Summer Update, but had some interesting Pirate101 news, and of course questions and tips from all of you (thanks for submitting these to the show)! You can watch the show below:

An excellent Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Arlene Moonblood:

“When an enemy boards your ship, make sure to walk all the way to their side of the ship. That way you’ll activate a talent called “Pirate” which boosts your damage to 25% when you’re on the enemy’s side of the ship when attacking them.” - Arlen Moonblood

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Zone of the Month: Isle of Doom

Our Lead Creative Designer, Sam Johnson, has worked on Pirate101 for a long time now and has much to say about the history of the world that you may not have heard about yet. He continues his series of spotlights that dive deeper into the lore and history behind the game’s characters and locations.

Sam has been eager to provide more of this content since you’ve expressed interest in it. Several of you suggested something in Monquista, so we’ll go there next time while we explore one more area in Tradewinds Skyway... The Isle of Doom! Check out the selected zone’s secrets below...

Name: The Isle of Doom

Location: Tradewinds Skyway, in the world of Skull Island


An ancient and mysterious island not far from Puerto Mico, the Isle of Doom isn't named for the ill fate that befalls so many who visit – it's actually named for baron Ferdinand von Doom, who discovered the island... and died exploring it. The Isle of Doom is said to be a lovely place, so long as visitors avoid the carnivorous bees, flesh-eating plants, savage frog tribes with poisonous skin, monstrous spiders, and brain-eating parasites. Don't drink the water.

The Isle of Doom is covered in jungles, which hide many ruined cities of the mysterious pyramid-builders who left so many ruins all over Skull Island. The ruins are inlaid with gold, gold which the Monquistans have been prying out and shipping home to turn their kingdom into an economic powerhouse. Pirates will come to the isle of doom searching for the lonst Monquistador Gortez. Their journey will take them from Monquistan settlements, through troggy-infested jungles and finally to the Vale of the Gold Monkey.

Who’s That Boss?

Gortez, famed monquistador and future king of Monquista, is the climactic battle in the Isle of Doom storyline.

Don't Miss That Side Quest!

Not a side quest per se, but Mormo's first promotion quest, "Much Mojo," culminates in the tunnels below the ruins near the Vale of the Gold Monkey.

Behind the Dev Process:

The Isle of Doom's ironic name was a joke we hit upon very early in the writing process. The entire mainline narrative follows Conrad's Heart of Darkness, with some frequent allusions to Apocalypse Now. Gortez's exclamation "The aura! The Aura!" is an abominable pun of Kurtz's last words (The horror! The horror!). Gortez is named for Hernan Cortez, the monqistador who reached the capital of the Aztec empire. The Vale of the Gold Monkey is a punny riff on the old TV show Tales of the Gold Monkey, which aired when the writer was in middle school. The fight against Gortez was the first time we attempted to build a trigger-heavy, complex fight in Pirate with state objects and conditions. It took quite a few iterations to make it winnable!

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for March? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!

Puppet Pirates

Congrats to Samuel W. on your quote being chosen for Puppet Pirates #81 this month!

Boochebeard: “It was sweet of the Armada to offer us a day at the beach, but they took this burying in the sand thing a bit too far, I'm thinkin'.”
Gandry: "Most kind of them to offer to go get us some lemonades, too, but they've been gone an awfully long time...isn't that the tide coming in out there?"
~ Samuel W.

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A Pirate's Pledge by Noble Donna Noble

Pirate Noble Donna Noble wrote this neat poem last year and shared it with us for this month’s newsletter to celebrate the creation of her latest Pirate:

All channels silent.

All systems sleeping.

Into the spiral I went,
into darkness creeping.

Loading cannons, ready one and two,
sweeping the deck, cleaning weapons.

Beware Armada, I'm coming for you!

Machines will die screaming!

My foe shall not prevail.

Parents beyond will be beaming
as I unfurl my billowing sail.

The spiral will be safe ere too long;
no more fear of enemies robotic.

My allies and I will defend you all!

A pirate am I, and friend to all who oppose the rule
of machines that are naught but someone's tool.

Fan Screenshot of the Month

This screenshot is from Jack Nightingale. He captured this image of his ship’s immense cargo hold full of gold and jewels for as far as the eye can see!

Fan Art Spotlight

For this month’s fan art spotlight, we are showcasing a neat drawing from Magical Wizard of their pirate happily at home with their own little pile of gold:

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Thanks, Pirates!

Fan Video of the Month

Do you have a gameplay video, such as a Guide or Let's Play, that we can spotlight in our monthly newsletters? Send a link to us at community@pirate101.com!

Community News

Final Bastion
  • Matthew discusses the PvP Banlist in Pirate101, offering thoughts on powers that may be safe to unban.
  • Krampus Boss Guide
  • Interested in starting Pirate101 PvP? Check out this beginner PvP guide in Part 1 and Part 2 to find out how to best prepare yourself for the Sparring Chamber and Brawling Hall.
  • In Part 2 of his Old Secrets behind Powers and Talents series, Logan discusses the meta changes throughout the years, focusing on how Talents originally worked for each class.
  • Matthew also discusses the value of unique and creative gearsets in Pirate101 PvP, while providing an overview of what a 'good' gearset should look like.
  • And a new Nautical XP event is being prepared for Aug. 17! Watch here for updates.

If you have an upcoming event, or even a blog post or other pieces of news you wish to share with the community, please send it to community@pirate101.com (include a link on social media if you have one) and we may share it on social and here in future newsletters.

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