Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to April 2013 in Pirate101!

March was a fantastic month and full of surprises, including the new festive Springtime Pets and even the new Stitching system! We’ve started the fun off in April with a special Pirate101 April Phule’s Day surprise: The Slowpoke Sloth mount! April has all the signs of being another fantastic month in Pirate101. Read on for more information as we review all the news that’s fit to print in Pirate101.


Rogue’s Gallery

Here’s the third video in our new Rogue’s Gallery video series with a closer look at Boochbeard and Gandry!

“Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery! Subjects: Boochbeard and Gandry. Boochbeard's exploits are legend in every corner of The Spiral. He's done most everything . . . except succeed. Nobody knows precisely where he came from and nobody ever recalls a time when he was young. As long as Buccaneers and Privateers have prowled the skies, Boochbeard has been there--always one scheme away from untold riches! Gandry is a gifted naval tactician and born commander, but a bad temper got him thrown out of every navy in The Spiral. Now Gandry has thrown his lot in with the Pirates! Some suspect Gandry is the real brains behind Boochbeard's operation--you be the judge! These Pirates and more await you when you play for free at Pirate101.com.”



Spring Time Pets!

Back on March 21, we introduced a bushel of new pet friends to the pirates of The Spiral. With fun names like The Yellow Marshadillow, The Pink Chocolope, and the Purple Polkaloon, the Springtime pets were a great hit, but you may want to act soon. Rumor has it unless you capture one of these cuties now, you may miss out until the next time they arrive in The Spiral.


Ahoy Eloise Merryweather!

Hopefully everyone had a chance to read the Update Notes, which announced the arrival of Eloise Merryweather to Pirate101. A lot of Pirates gratefully took their mismatched clothes and created costumes fit for the finest of pirates! Eloise is a wonderful seamstress who, for a small Crowns fee, will allow you to transfer the Stats of one item onto the Appearance of another. Be sure to say hello to Eloise today!


Puppet Pirates Winner

“Boochbeard: “Heads or Tails?” Gandry: “Wings!”
- Clever Wolf Donnely

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Fan Site Information Galore!

All of our wonderful fan sites provide quality information every day. Here’s a few highlights from last month . . . just in case you missed them:

Tallahasee7980 on Pirate101 central posted a great way to reuse Pirate101 Gift Cards as homemade bookmarks! Read the Post »

Perilous Paige showed off a pretty inventive way to set up rail tracks in your player housing. Read the Blog »

There were a lot of fun answers when our official fansite Duelist101 asked players the question, which NPC would you want to PvP against: http://www.duelist101.com/pirate101-contests/pirate101-spring-pet-contests/

  • “I want to fight the (current) King and Queen of Monquista. Need I say why? They get us to do their dirty work and then try to kill us.”
  • “Ohhh, I so want to brawl with Majordomo! There was something a little irritating about that little monkey sending me on a quest for a 'proper attire' when I was looking very presentable already”
  • “One-eyed Jack o'course! I'd like to test me guns against him! And when I beat him (using my amazing gunning skills, and perhaps a seducer to keep him down), I'll kidnap him for ransom! KI would pay handsomely for their community manager ;)”
  • “Probably Blind Mew. He may be blind but he probably has a whole line of traps and spells maybe even a sword under those rags! I would love to PvP him. XD”



Books for the Cultured Pirate

Ahh, Pirates! Welcome again to another edition of “Books for the Cultured Pirate.” I, Librarian Adelmo, have seen a lot of Giant Rats in my day . . . those Wharf Rat pirates are around every nook and corner, but I have a book about a pirate ship called “The Giant Rat of Sumatra, or, Pirates Galore” by Sid Fleischman.

Edmund "Shipwreck" Peters was rescued from a wrecked ship belonging to his awful uncle, and has become a pirate. The pirate captain, Captain Gallows, is way nicer than his uncle. But when the crew sails to California and find that war has broken out between the US and Mexico, Edmund, an American, is on the wrong side. There's real history and a lot of adventure in this chapter book. Sid Fleischman has written a LOT of great books, so if you like this one, there are plenty more to read!


Hints from One-Eyed Jack

Some players have recently commented that they don’t know much about the pets in Pirate101 and the finer details on how they work. There’s even been some confusion in the past on what happens in combat when pets appear! A wise pirate knows that when a pet joins their combat, it truly is a bonus that could sometimes even make or break the battle.

Here’s a few things to consider about the power of pets before you dismiss their value too quickly:

  1. 1- Although they can be “weak,” they never need to be revived between battles -- any defeated pet is automatically revived to full health at the end of combat.
  2. 2- Pets don't count against how many Companions or enemies that are selected for a fight.
  3. 3- While you can't control a pet’s movements, they are on your team. If nothing else, they can draw fire away from your Companions and you.
  4. 4- Since combat works in a “round” turn-based fashion, pets can cause enemy’s epic talents like “Repel Boarders” to trigger before a player triggers it on their turn . . . in essence, your pet could make it safe for you to approach an enemy with this particular talent.
  5. 5- Pet attacks do not count as your attacks, so unlike Wizard101, you won’t spend a round casting a pet’s card, it’ll just move independently for you.
  6. 6- Pets tend to gravitate to enemies with only a few health points left – it can be a nice timesaver when a pet finishes an enemy off for you.
  7. 7- Since pets are melee fighters, they can help with positioning to trigger your Flanking epic ability.

There are a number of great pets to collect in Pirate101. They’re available in many ways: from the Crown Shop, as rewards for badges, as rare loot from bosses, and through purchasing pre-paid game cards. While Pirate101 doesn’t have a “pet shop” similar to Wizard101, you can find two pets for sale in the Crown shop for both Crowns and gold! Be sure to click the gold coin tab in the crown shop on both the Coral Widow and the Silver Buffaloon if you’d like to purchase those pets for gold.

A lot of players have a lot of love for one particular pet called the Armadillo Verde. This special pet is only available through fighting bosses in Cool Ranch such as Santa Rana and others (yes! You can get this pet from multiple bosses!) This special pet has two epic abilities, not just one like ordinary pets.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you too will proudly equip your pets and warmly welcome them into battle. Speaking of equipping your pet . . . one final note . . . if you’d ever like to visually show off your pet instead of your companion, enter the options panel and select the tab with the second joystick icon. From here you can switch your follower to your pet! Show off that yellow marshadillow with pride! See you in the skyways, Pirates!