Pirate101 Morph-a-Thon


You're Invited to the Morph-a-Thon!

It’s a very special weekend in Bestia, Pirates! Welcome to the first ever Morph-a-thon competition in Pirate101!

Morph-a-thon is a very special event hosted over Memorial Day weekend, May 23, 24, and 25, 2015. During these days of the week, you will definitely want to log on and morph your pets so you can be entered into a grand drawing!

Here’s how the drawing works:

  • We’ll be internally tracking all pet morphs made during this event. Make one morph, and you’ll be entered automatically.
  • For each morph you make during this event, you will be given one entry into our drawing, e.g., Morph 20 pets, get 20 chances to win. Morph 50 pets, get 50 chances to win!
  • For each specialty hybrid pet you make during this event (pets you can’t obtain any other way than morphing, like the Grimtooth Reaper shark), you will be given a bonus entry into our drawing! (NOTE: The Skull Island Macaw, (Blue) Ostrich, Tarantula, Glowfish, and Frostbiter do not count as hybrids for this competition.)


Any players who create a morphed pet during this time will be entered into a special drawing for a grand prize of 60,000 Crowns or one of ten prizes of 10,000 Crowns!

1- Only pets successfully morphed from 12:01 am US Central May 23th, 2015 to 11:59 pm US Central on May 25th, 2015 will be counted as entries.

2- You may sell your pets or place them in your house after you acquire them.
3- Winners will be awarded on May 26th, 2015 on announced that same day on the KingsIsle blog (we’ll also be sharing if any new undiscovered hybrids were discovered during this event).
4- You may only win once per account.
5- Please contact community@pirate101.com if you have additional questions.