Pirate Ship Facts


History Behind Real Pirate Ships

After a Pirate stole a ship to become their new Pirate ship, they would have to make more room below deck for the crew to sleep. They also had to reinforce the ship’s wooden decks to hold the heavy cannons Pirates used.

Having women on Pirate ships was considered bad luck.

Pirates thought whistling on a ship would cause the weather to turn stormy.

There are tales dating back from 1611 that describe someone that brings bad luck to a ship as a “Jonah”.

Pirates were so superstitious, that if someone was named Jonah they would usually throw him overboard.

After being at sea for long months and not having access to good food, many Pirates became sick with Scurvy. Scurvy was caused by a lack of Vitamin C, and would make the Pirate's teeth fall out and skin get very pale.

The British Royal Navy had a ship they thought was the "ultimate Pirate buster" called The Swallow.


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