Now through Thursday, November 4th, we’re celebrating the spooky occasion by bringing back your frightening favorites, decorating Skull Island in haunting fashion, and embracing all things eerie!

Beware - thrills and chills await!

Wicked Awesome Items!

Trick or treat yourself!

Get into the Halloween spirit with fang-tastic items in the Crown Shop:

  • Spine-tingling Ship
    • Haunted Galleon (learn more below!)
  • Monstrous Mounts
    • Carrier Bat
    • Cloudstrider
    • Giant Spider
    • All Souls Pegasus
    • Gloomthorn Vine
    • Halloween Crystal Unicorn
    • Halloween Batacuda
    • Halloween Jaguar
  • Petrifying Pets
    • Anansi Spider
    • Grouper of the Deep
    • Nightmare Paper Dragon
    • Octoberpus
    • Phantasm Pagona
    • Sarlac Scylla
  • Ghostly Gear and Haunted Housing
    • Unicorn Hair
    • Giraffe Ears
    • Halloween Masks
    • Face Paint and Accessories
    • Halloween Housing Items


Sail the Sinister Skyways in the Haunted Galleon

Arrrr you ready for a truly hair-raising ship?

The limited time Haunted Galleon ship is back and available for a variety of levels + comes equipped with...

  • Jack 'O Lantern Figurehead
  • Ship Hull
  • Sails
  • Rudders