New Friendship Mounts!

Now through February 20th, we have special Friendship Festival mounts, pets and more in the Pirate101 Crown Shop. We’ve got a new mount and pet, plus we’re bringing back old favorites! Show off your Valentine’s flair with these items:

New Valentine's Items!

  • Sweet Heart Mount
  • Pinching Rock Pet

Returning Favorites!

  • Heart Wings Mount (Permanent)
  • Care Hare Mount (Permanent)
  • Friendship Jaguar Mount (Permanent)
  • Friendship Oni Pet
  • Beetle My Valentine Pet
  • Bunny Hug Pet
  • Friendship Grouper Pet
  • Huggle Hoggle Pet
  • Hunny-Bunny Pet
  • Valentine's Day Eyepatch

Don't miss out on these seasonal items before they're gone!