Friends ‘till the end!

Now through February 28th, we have special Friendship Festival mounts, pets and more in the Pirate101 Crown Shop. Friendly fun awaits!

New Friendship Items:

  • Winds of Love Mount(PERM)
  • Friendship Keeper Multi-Tank Housing Item
  • Giant Rose Housing Item
  • Daisy Flowers Housing Item
  • Harp Housing Item
  • Vase of Yellow Roses Housing Item
  • Green Heart Tree Housing Item
  • Red Heart Tree Housing Item
  • Friendship Flag Housing Item
  • Friendship Teddy Bear Housing Item
  • Friendship Balloons Housing Item
  • Vase of Red Roses Housing Item

Returning Friendship Items:

  • Care Hare Mount (PERM)
  • Heart Wings Mount (PERM)
  • Sweet Heart Mount (PERM)
  • Friendship Clockwork Steed Mount (PERM)
  • Friendship Crystal Unicorn Mount (PERM)
  • Friendship Ki-rin Mount (PERM)
  • Friendship Pony Mount (PERM)
  • Huggle Hoggle Pet
  • Friendship Oni Pet
  • Friendship Yeti Pet
  • Friendship Ibis Pet
  • Friendship Penguin Pet
  • FriendShip Festival Eyepatch
  • Black Friendship Bear Housing Item
  • Brown Friendship Bear Housing Item
  • Pink Friendship Bear Housing Item
  • Red Friendship Bear Housing Item


Happy Friendship Festival!