Ride into the sunset!

Now through Monday, June 20th, you can save 25% off the following mounts:

  • Blue Ox (Permanent)
  • Flying Manta Ray (Permanent)
  • Forest Tiger (Permanent)
  • Jaunty Jaguar (Permanent)
  • Lonely Buffaloon (Permanent)
  • Lonely Buffaloon (Permanent) very fast
  • Pouncing Panther (Permanent)
  • Prancing Pony (Permanent)
  • Prancing Pony (Permanent) Very Fast
  • Riding Lion (Permanent)
  • Sky Shark (Permanent)
  • Transport Golem (Permanent)

Take advantage while you can! These mounts will be sailing out of the Crown Shop along with this sale on 6/20.