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The Nutcracker Prince (Part 2) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

I climbed upstairs and entered my bedroom. It was dark and snow clouds were starting to collect in the skies. A huge blizzard was coming, though I would miss much of it while asleep. I was already wearing my nightgown, and I immediately slipped into bed, setting the nutcracker on my bedside table and putting his rifle by his side.

“I’m sorry about what happened to you,” I apologized. “My brother is always jealous of the gifts Uncle Scipio gives me for my birthday and for Christmas. Good thing you’re a soldier!”

I laughed a bit and then switched off my lamp before settling in bed and drifting off to sleep.

It was around the middle of the night when I awoke to a loud crash and hushed voices. I switched on my lamp and looked outside. The blizzard howled at full force, knocking a tree branch against the window. The nutcracker was no longer sitting on the bedside table-he was gone.

I brushed my dark brown hair from my eyes and frantically began to search around the bed, but the soldier was nowhere to be seen. That could only mean one thing-Simon! He must’ve taken it while I was asleep, and was now downstairs playing with it!

I opened the cabinet under the table and removed my lantern, switching it on. Quietly, I snuck out of the room, careful not to disturb my parents, who were sleeping in the room across from mine.

I snuck into my brother’s room, but the nutcracker wasn’t anywhere to be seen, and wasn’t in his closet or on his toy table. What was even more surprising was that my brother was still in bed. Fast asleep.

Then, who was downstairs..?

I left Simon’s room and slowly tip-toed downstairs, dimming the light of my lantern. The noise and voices were coming from the living room.

I turned the corner, and then I saw it-a horde of Wharf Rats, looting and messing up everything. The tree was knocked down, a few rats were stuffing the presents into a leather sack, and others were tossing furniture and decorations everywhere, searching for something.

They all were wearing highly ornate uniforms, and at least a quarter of them had both a gun and a sword.

I gasped in shock, a little too loudly.

Instantly they all looked up. “Hey, one of the owners’ kids is awake!” a scruffy-faced rat snapped.

“Get rid of her!” one of them shouted, pointing his gun in my direction.

I screamed as one of the rats lunged at me, swinging his sword wildly. He stopped just in front of me and raised his sword above his head, ready to swing down.

Out of nowhere, a gunshot rang out. A bullet surrounded by intensely bright sparkles knocked the blade right out of the rat’s hands, and another one sent him flying.

I flinched, looking up slowly. Leaping to my rescue, the barrel of his rifle surrounded with smoke, was the nutcracker.

I stood with my mouth agape. The nutcracker had to at least be six foot seven, and how he became life sized baffled me. He wasn’t even a wooden soldier anymore-he had no beard or mustache, and his uniform was three-dimensional and not just painted on his body.

“Stay back! Don’t you dare touch her!” he yelled, firing his rifle at five more rats. They drew their weapons, and immediately a battle broke out in the middle of the living room.

I pressed my back against the railing on the stairs, terrified out of my wits. How could my parents and little brother possibly sleep through this, with Wharf Rats and my Nutcracker come to life fighting in the living room?!

Though he was outnumbered, the Nutcracker fought with no mercy-with one shot from his rifle each Rat went down. I hid my head, silently crying in terror.

Suddenly, a bright light enveloped a section of the wall behind the Nutcracker, and a secret door was revealed. In swung open and another tide of Wharf Rats dashed out, picking up the loot of their fallen comrades. A very tall Wharf Rat wearing a pointed crown stepped out behind them, surveying the scene. He noticed the Nutcracker, and then me sitting alone.

“Take the girl,” he said. “Grab whatever else you can while you’re at it.”

The Rats swarmed me, making me scream even louder than before, and still my family slept on. The Nutcracker came to my aid, removing a hidden saber from within his trench coat and knocking the rats aside. Those who were left immediately retreated, racing through the door after their king.

“Hurry, we haven’t much time!” my Nutcracker said, taking my arm and pulling me through the door. “If they escape we are all doomed!”

As we left my manor, the walls around us warped into a multicolored tunnel. I caught sight of the Wharf Rats running up ahead. “There they are!” I cried.

We raced after them, only to trip over something and tumble the rest of the way down.


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